Labor, Licensing & Consumer Affairs

Applications & Forms

CA-C1 Consumer Complaint Form & Instructions

CA-C1a Consumer Complaint Form & Instructions/Spanish

CA-L2 Home Improvement License Application.pdf 

CA-L5 Home Furnishings Supplemental Location Application.pdf 

CA-L6 License Shelving Application.pdf 

CA-L7 License Surrender Application.pdf

CA-L8 Occupational License Renewal

CA-L8LW Occupational License Renewal-Liquid Waste 

CA-L10 Change of Licensing Record Application.pdf 

CA-L11 Health Expeditor Application.pdf 

CA-L15 Precious Metals License.pdf 

CA-L16 Master License Application.pdf

CA-L17 Second Hand Dealers Application.pdf 

CA-L18 Restricted License Application.pdf

CA-L19 Sign Hangers License Application.pdf 

CA-L20 Backflow Tester Application Package.pdf 

CA-L21 Home Improvement Salesperson License Application Package.pdf 

CA-L22 Liquid Waste License Application Package.pdf 

CA-L25 Dry Cleaner Application.pdf 

CA-L26 Home Furnishings Retail License Application.pdf 

CA-L27 Home Energy Auditor Application.pdf 

CA-L28 Commercial Industrial Painting License Application.pdf 

CA-L29 Tax Grievance Consultant License Application.pdf 

CA-L30 Pool Maintenance Registration Application.pdf

CA-L31 Home Appliance Repair I-D Card Application.pdf

CA-L32 Pet Cemetery/Crematorium License Application

CA-L33 Board Up Registration

CA-L35 Board Up Business Salesperson Identification Application

CA-L36 Pet Groomer Registration Application

CA-L37 Pet Grooming Business Registration Application

Freedom of Information Request Form

Request License Activation Form.pdf