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Prominent Technology Incubator and Co-Working Space Opens in Suffolk County

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8,500 square-foot Facility is first high tech accelerator/incubator space to open in a down town community in Suffolk

Hauppauge, NY, (February 5, 2014) – Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced today the grand opening of LaunchPad Huntington,  a new 8,500 square-foot incubator and co-working space in Huntington, N.Y. for startup technology companies.  The new facility, located at 315 Main Street, is the latest development aimed at supporting Long Island tech startups by providing rental office and networking space, relevant lectures, mentoring and access to funding. first high tech accelerator/incubator space to open in a down town community in Suffolk.

“Creating cost-effective office space opportunities for startups in the technology sector is an initiative very important to Suffolk County,” stated Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. “LaunchPad Huntington will give the most creative Long Island tech entrepreneurs the tools and environment they need to succeed right here on Long Island.”

Technology incubators provide new entrepreneurs with mentorship, advice and practical training on technical, business and fundraising topics to help them get from idea to product to launch.

“One of the most important things to the future of Suffolk County is creating an environment where new businesses can establish their roots and thrive,” said Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer. “Welcoming the tech accelerator space into Huntington Village is laying down the groundwork for further development and will bring similar businesses into the area.”

The founders of Long Island tech startup eGifter worked to open LaunchPad Huntington and designed the space with an open floor plan to maximize collaboration among the selected startup companies.  Huntington Village was chosen as an ideal location because of the sociability the downtown offers to young men and women, typically the age-demographic focused on tech start-up opportunities.

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue to build on our model of guiding future self-owned businesses and providing entrepreneurs the tools they need,” said CEO of eGifter Tyler Roye. “We aim to locate 8-10 startup companies at LaunchPad Huntington that turn over every 6-12 months.” 

Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) played a major role in securing LaunchPad Long Island to open its doors in Huntington. A package approved by the Suffolk IDA includes property tax abatements and sales tax incentives of over $100,000 for a five year period. The IDA’s support of this project is an extension of their efforts to grow the software and tech industry and to bolster economic development in Suffolk County.   

“The Suffolk County IDA continues to be very proactive at building relationships with tech startups,” stated Suffolk County IDA Chief Executive Officer Anthony Manetta. “This new accelerator space affords the IDA to be on the ground floor of entrepreneurial activity in the County.”

In addition to eGifter, the first round of companies in the incubator will include Flight Partners, Jule, MyWorkster, TalentBrowser, and Immersive Ubiquity.  LaunchPad Huntington is currently reviewing many applications, and will soon finalize selection of the rest of the first group of startups.

County Executive Steve Bellone, Tyler Roye , CEO of eGifter

County Executive Steve Bellone, Tyler Roye , CEO of eGifter

County Executive Steve Bellone and Legislator William Spencer

County Executive Steve Bellone and Legislator William Spencer

Suffolk County Executive Steven Ballone at the grand opening of LaunchPad Huntington

(Huntington Town Councilman, Mark Cuthbertson, Peter Goldsmith, President of LISTnet, Tyler Roye, Founder of LaunchPad Huntington and Founder/CEO egifter, Mark Lesko, Executive Director of Accelerate Long Island, Legislator William Spencer, County Executive Steve Bellone, Andrew Hazen-Founder of Launch LI, Anthony Manetta, Executive Director Suffolk County IDA, Steve Rossetti, Member of the Suffolk County IDA Board)

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