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Bellone, Police Brass, Legislators Honor Police Academy Graduates

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(PATCHOGUE, NY May 21, 2014)—This week, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and several county legislators congratulated 54 graduates of the Suffolk County Police Academy at commencement exercises Monday at St. Joseph’s College.

“You have chosen to invest your life in the career of public service as a Suffolk County Police Officer.  You have decided to ensure public safety and put your life on the line for the greater good of Suffolk County.  For that I applaud you and say thank you,” County Executive Steve Bellone said.

Of the 54 graduates, 37 are joining the Suffolk County Police Department, while two others are joining the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. The remainder are joining village or other police units or agencies from around Long Island and New York City.

“You are the best trained and best equipped police officers that the Suffolk County Police Academy has ever graduated,” Police Commissioner Edward Webber said. “With this training and authority that you have been given as police officers, comes a great responsibility. You are now responsible for protecting the lives, property and rights of the people that you serve.  Your job is to ensure your community is a safe place to live, work and raise a family.“

Recruits in the academy’s 162nd recruit class receive instruction and hands-on training in criminal and civil law, physical fitness, firearms, arrest procedures and other requirements. Recruits undergo 29 weeks of preparation at the academy and up to 12 more weeks of field training.

Several officers were recognized for their performance during academy training:

Most Supportive                                                 Elizabeth Tomlin            

EMT Award                                                        Kola Olosunde        

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course              Daniel Murphy          

Firearms Proficiency                                           Michael Chicas         

Top Physical Fitness                                            Christopher Grenia    

Top Academic                                                     Robert Schenker

Top Suffolk Police Recruit                                 Kevin Muller       

Top Overall Recruit                                            Daniel Murphy    

Among those participating in the commencement program were Suffolk County Legislators Sarah Anker, Steve Stern, Kara Hahn, Robert Calarco, Kate Browning, Thomas Barraga, John Kennedy and Kevin McCaffrey.

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Suffolk County Steven Bellone speaking at the Police Academy Commencement



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