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Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

The Suffolk County Consortium continues to work with non-profit agencies in the provision of homeless housing and supportive services to implement programs that address the need for emergency shelters.  The Emergency Solutions Grant allows the County to provide direct funding to non-profit organizations to assist with the operation of emergency shelters.

In addition to shelter funding, and in order to prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless in the first place, the Suffolk County Community Development Office utilizes Emergency Solutions Grant funds to assist with a homeless prevention program. 


Suffolk County has opened its 2017 ESG funding round.
Priority will be given to applications addressing Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing

APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND AT: opment/EmergencySolutionsGrant.aspx

ANTICIPATED: $265,000 (subject to final HUD determination)


1. Street outreach

Engagement, case management, emergency health & mental health services, transportation, services to special populations (veterans, homeless youth, DV victims, or those living with HIV/AIDs)

2. Emergency Shelter
Essential Services: case mgmt.., child care, education, employment, outpatient health care, legal services/representation, life skills training, mental health/substance abuse services, transportation, services to special populations Rehab & Renovation: of buildings to be used as emergency Shelter
Shelter Operations: rent, security, utilities, food, furnishings, equip., supplies

3. Homeless Prevention
Relocation and Stabilization services: short and medium term rent payment assistance, moving costs, application fees, security & utility deposits, rent & utility arrears, legal fees & representation, and staffing expenses related to homeless prevention activities such as:

Participation in HMIS.
Case management
Legal services/representation Credit repair

4. Rapid Rehousing

Relocation and Stabilization services as stated above. Short & Medium Term rental assistance as stated above. Services (financial assistance and service costs) designed to quickly move homeless individuals and families from emergency shelter or places not meant for human habitation into permanent housing.

5. HMIS (participation is mandatory) eligible expenses:

Hardware, equipment & software: software licenses, phones, faxes, furniture. Staffing: salaries for operating HMIS; data collection/entry, monitoring data quality, data analysis, reporting to HMIS lead, (CoC) training, implementation, Technical support, leasing office space, office overhead and., and travel costs to HUD sponsored trainings. 

Suffolk County Emergency Solutions Grant - guidelines and 2017 application 

ESG Grant Reporting Demographic Form (To be submitted with each voucher) 

 For specific details on this program, please call the Community Development Office at (631) 853-5705.