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We are asking our partners and core communities to publicize the following services which will benefit many Suffolk residents provided that they are made aware of them.  We request that each of these programs also be listed on your web site with a hyper link to the corresponding web page. 

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If you or any Suffolk resident has questions about these programs, we encourage you to call the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management at 631-852-4900.


The Suffolk Code Red Emergency Notification System - provides emergency notifications to Suffolk residents during actual or impending emergencies.

The Emergency Preparedness Registry - allows people to pre-register for special needs sheltering and provides emergency evacuation assistance to individuals who might have difficulty during an evacuation.

The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool - allows residents to determine if their home is in an area that may flood during a hurricane and also to find open shelters during an emergency.

Smart911 gives you, as a citizen, the ability to proactively provide important details about yourself and your family to 9-1-1 or emergency management before an emergency happens. Click here to learn more about Smart911.

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