Campground Rules and Regulations

Campground Rules and Regulations

2017 Campground Rules and Regulations

Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages permitted. Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs will be evicted from the park.

Bathing & Swimming: Bathing & Swimming are permitted in lifeguard supervised areas and only during hours when lifeguards are on duty.

Camper Rentals: If you are renting an RV or camper for your stay in a Suffolk County Campground, you are required to choose a vendor from our "approved camper rental list." These companies have met all the safety and insurance requirements as required by the County and have agreed to abide by all Park policies. This "approved camper rental list" is available on the Suffolk County Parks website under "Park Information" at Rental companies who are not on the Parks Department's approved list will be denied access into the parks. Please make sure that the vendor you have chosen is on the approved list to avoid any problems at check-in. Vendors must supply a registration to the trailer as well as their Suffolk County Permit at the time of check-in. The card holder whose name the reservation is under must also be present at check-in or the trailer will be denied access.

Campsite Accessories:
 When setting up campground accessories, please do not drive nails into trees, fences, picnic tables or other structures. Tents, tarps, or other types of weather covering must be free standing, or secured to the ground, and must not be tied, nailed, screwed, or attached in any form to fences, picnic tables, trees, or shrubs within the campground. Inflatable or plastic pools/hot tubs are NOT permitted in the parks. Please do not deface, remove, destroy or injure any tree, flower shrub, fern moss or other plant, rock, fossil, or mineral found or growing on County Parklands. Birds and their nests and other wildlife must not be disturbed.

Cancellation Policy: The $10 reservation fee is always non-refundable.  There is no cancellation/modification fee for reservations cancelled within 48 hours from the time the reservation was made.  For reservations cancelled after 48 hours from the time the reservation was made and before seven days prior to check-in, there will be a $30 cancellation/modification fee.  For reservations cancelled seven days prior to check-in up until the actual check-in date, there will be a $50 cancellation/modification fee. Cancellation fees are deducted from the original payment amount (not in addition to the original payment) and will be refunded to you on the credit card that was used to make the reservation.  If the cancellation fee, exceeds the original payment amount a debit balance will be added to your household. Cancellation and penalty fees are non-refundable.

Check In/Out: Campers with reservations may check in beginning at 4:00 PM.  Reservation holders must check-in by 9:00 PM on your reserved check-in date, or call the park with an anticipated arrival date, or you will be considered a no-show. Check-in for No-Show and walk-up sites will begin at 8:00 AM. Sites must be vacated no later than 12:00 PM. Campers must checkout and return car pass with park attendant when leaving campground. If camper does not check out and remove all equipment from campsite by designated time, they will incur a $30 "late check-out fee", their green key card will be suspended and all future reservations will be cancelled. Full payment for walk-ups is required at check-in. The customer whose name appears on the key card, must be present at check-in.  After check-in, the individual whose name is on the reservation must stay at the campsite for the duration of the reservation, and must check-out with the campground attendant when leaving.

Discounts: In order to receive senior, handicapped, volunteer, disabled veteran, active military, veteran, CERT, or Auxiliary discount for camping, the person whose name appears on the applicable green key card, and reservation (if applicable) must be present at check-in and for the duration of stay. All DISCOUNTS ARE NONTRANSFERABLE, AND APPLY TO SUFFOLK COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY.

Fires: Open fires are permitted in approved containers such as a BBQ grill, hibachi, or a fully-contained burn unit. Campfire size should not be larger than the container. (max. size - 1/2 of 55 gal. drum). CCA or treated lumber, construction debris and pallets are prohibited for use as firewood. Firewood should be clean and free of nails, screws, or any sharp objects. On sites where fire rings are provided, no other fire containers will be permitted. Check with park personnel to be sure your unit is acceptable. Keep shovel and bucket of water handy. Douse your fire, stir coals, and douse with water again to extinguish. Check with park personnel on ash disposal. Campfires may be banned due to local weather conditions.

Generators: Generators will only be permitted to run between 9:00 am -1:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Generators must be placed at the front or entry door side of your camper/trailer. Keep all flammable liquids a safe distance away. Do not refuel a hot generator. Campers with excessively loud generators will be asked to shut them off. Be considerate of your fellow park users. Campers who require 24-hour electric use should make every effort to reserve an electric site to accommodate their needs, or use the battery option that comes as back-up with most medical devices. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Modifications: Modifications are not permitted at this time. In order to change your reservation, you must cancel it and rebook your reservation.

No Shows: If a reservation is not cancelled and the Green Key Card holder does not check-in or call the park with an anticipated arrival date by 9:00 pm on their reserved check-in date, they will be considered a no-show. If you do not check-in by your said anticipated arrival date call, you will also be marked as a no-show. At this time, the site will become available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Walk-up campers must set their site up immediately after check-in. For reservations no showed there will be a $50 no-show fee plus $10 reservation fee, plus the cost of your first night stay. Cancellation fees are deducted from the original payment amount (not in addition to the original payment) and will be refunded to the credit card that was used to make the reservation.  If the cancellation fee exceeds the original payment amount a debit balance will be added to your household. Cancellation, modification and penalty fees are non-refundable.

Occupancy: Occupancy of a site is limited to four (4) adults or one (1) single family unit. Only one camper, trailer, or RV is permitted per campsite. No more than two (2) tents will be permitted per campsite, and only one tent will be permitted if used in addition to a camper, trailer, or RV. Campsites are non-transferable. The person whose name appears on the reservation and coinciding green key card must be present at check-in and for the duration of stay. Campers may leave site unattended overnight IF, the camper has registered, paid fees for duration of stay, and provided a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency. The Parks Department will not be responsible for any equipment or property left on an unattended site.

Outer Beach: Only self-contained campers are permitted on any Outer Beach sites (including Parking Lot sites at Cupsogue). Tents are not permitted. Camping on Outer Beach sites will require a four wheel drive vehicle, with a Suffolk County Outer Beach permit attached. All vehicles entering the Outer Beach are required to abide by all rules as set forth in the Outer Beach Agreement and the Outer Beach brochure. Failure to do so may result in green key suspension, revocation of Outer Beach permit, as well as, fines and possible eviction.

Period of Stay: Reservations are limited to a maximum of seven (7) nights at Smith Point, Cupsogue, Shinnecock East, Cathedral Pines, Montauk, & Indian Island. Campers can book up to 14 nights at Sears Bellows, Cedar Point, Blydenburgh & Southaven.  Campers staying four (4) nights or more may not return for a period of seven (7) nights from the time of checkout. Campers staying one to three (1-3) nights, may not return for two (2) nights. Members of the same family living at the same address may not make simultaneous reservations (more than one campsite at a time), or reservations resulting in more than the maximum allotted stay. Additionally, upon check-out, the same stay rules apply to each trailer/motor home/camping unit. At marinas reservations are limited to a maximum of fourteen (14) nights and upon checkout may not return for a period of three (3) nights regardless of length of stay.

Persons Under 18 Years of Age: Camping permits will NOT BE ISSUED to anyone under 18 years of age. Groups of campers under 18 years of age must have at least one (1) member OVER 18 years of age, per campsite, to register and to accompany the campers at all times. Minors may not be left unattended.

Pets: Only domestic animals are permitted. Pets must be on a leash no more than six feet (6') in length and under owner's control at all times. Pets are not to be left at campsite unattended. Pets are not permitted in any picnic areas, protected bathing areas, or sanitary facilities (including showers). Owners are responsible for immediate removal and proper disposal of pet's waste. No more than two pets per campsite will be allowed. Owner will be required to show SC Parks Pooch Pass or license and proof of inoculations upon check-in. If not shown, camper will be denied access to the campground. If a pet becomes a nuisance, owner and pet may be asked to leave the park.

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are observed from 10:00 pm each night until 8:00 am the following morning. Failure to observe this rule may result in fines and eviction from the campground.

Registration: All park patrons entering a Suffolk County Parks campground for any purpose must register with the attendant at the campground office. Registration will be permitted from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm only. Camper must provide attendant with Green Key card, driver's license, camper/motor home and tow vehicle registration, pooch pass or pet inoculations, and a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency. Full payment for walk-ups is required at the time of check-in. Campers must have a valid Green Key Card or (reservation will be cancelled, if applicable and) pay tourist rates. Walk-in campers must set up campsite immediately after check-in. Failure to register may result in fines, eviction and/or green key suspension.

Reservations: Green Key and Non-Resident Green Key card holders can make reservations through the Parks reservation system online through the Parks Department's page of the Suffolk County website at Between April 1 - October 31, reservations must be for a minimum of four nights if your reservation begins on a Thursday - Sunday or Holiday, and for a minimum of two nights if your reservation begins on a Monday - Wednesdays only, excluding holidays. Before April 1st and after Oct. 31st, the minimum is two nights. Resident green key holders may make reservations from 7 to 90 days in advance.  Beginning 2017, non-residents can make reservations from 7 to 90 days in advance, but only 45 days in advance for Holiday weeks.  (Holiday Weeks - Memorial Day: May 25 - June 5; Independence Day:  June 29 - July 10;  Labor Day:  August 31 - September 11) Reservations for a new day begin at 7:00 pm. You may select your own check-in and departure dates. Campers may select a specific site or have one assigned by the reservation system. Campers are responsible to make sure that the camping site you have chosen will accommodate your camping unit. (i.e., size of site, slide out capabilities, etc.) Please note: Only tents are permitted in the designated tent sites at Smith Point and Sears Bellows. Tents must also conform to site size and not encroach on other sites.  No tents are permitted in electric sites at all parks. Only one campsite may be reserved by a green key card in the same period of time at the same park.

Reservation Fees: Reservation fees are initiated by the customer at the time the reservation is made.  The reservation fee is a flat fee of $10 per on-line reservation.  Walk-up reservation will be charged a $3 reservation fee.  All reservation fees are non-refundable.

Self-Contained: All outer beach and parking lot sites, accommodate self-contained trailers ONLY, all season. In addition, from November 1 through March 31, any campground open will accommodate self-contained trailers ONLY. To be self-contained you must have a minimum 5-gallon fresh water holding tank, minimum 5-gallon gray water holding tank, minimum 5-gallon black water holding tank and a built-in flushable toilet.

Vehicles: All vehicles are permitted in the campground by permit only. A maximum of two (2) vehicles are permitted at a campsite at any one time. Utility, car, or boat trailers count as a vehicle and require their own permit. All permits expire at checkout time on the last day of stay. All vehicles including trailers and motorhomes remaining in the campground after check-out time are subject to a parking summons. All vehicles must park at their assigned campsite ONLY, no exceptions. NO PARKING on or alongside roadways or by restroom/shower facilities.

AT SMITH POINT ONLY - An additional vehicle will be permitted by the purchase of a daily parking permit by the green key holder of the campsite.  The vehicle will be parked in a designated parking spot in the main parking lot.  

Visitors: Guests may visit from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm only, and must check-in with campground attendant who will direct them where to park. All visitors must remove their vehicles from the park by 10:00 pm. Campers are asked to use discretion in the number of guests at their site at any one time, or face possible eviction from the park. Visitors may arrive in passenger cars only, no recreational vehicle will be permitted.

Waste Disposal: Campers are responsible for preventing all waste water (“gray” and “black” water) from running onto the ground. All waste water must be disposed of in the dump stations, or sewer connections on the site where available.

Water: Water spigots are provided for obtaining drinking and/or cooking water only. Water spigots may not be permanently hooked up to an individual campsite. Washing clothes, persons, pets, or vehicles with spigots is prohibited. Water is available from April 1 – October 31 only. Beginning November 1, through March 31, only self-contained campers will be permitted in campground.

Violation of Park Rules & Regulations can result in issue of a summons, green key suspension or revocation, and possible cancellation of future reservations. Misuse or abuse of the reservation system will result in green key card suspension or revocation.  Please note, if your reservation is cancelled due to violations of Park Policy, you will still be responsible for all applicable cancellation fees.

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