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The Suffolk County Department of Parks will be participating in the special Long Island shotgun and muzzle loading rifle deer season for 2018. We will be offering deer hunting opportunities at Montauk County Park and Hubbard County Park in Hampton Bays. The program will be for four weeks, as follows:

Week# 1 January 8-12

Week# 2 January 15-19

Week #3 January 22-26

Week #4 January 29-31

Hubbard Firearms Hunting Map

Montauk Hunting Map

In addition, we will conduct an advanced lottery for hunters who wish to hunt at Hubbard County Park for weeks #1 and #2. Weeks #3 and #4 will be available by daily lottery at the park. At Montauk County Park, the advanced lottery will be for weeks #1, #2, #3 & #4. Hubbard County Park has eleven (11) hunting areas which are numbered 2 through 12 and Montauk has four (4) hunting areas which are numbered 1 through 4, all with a maximum of three hunters per area for each park. Click here for the fillable application that can be emailed for the lottery.

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