Soil & Water Conservation District

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  • Translation Services Available.  If you need assistance with the translation of this or Soil and Water Conservation District related documents, please call the District at 631-852-3285.

  • 21th Annual Long Island Regional Envirothon 
                  Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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Corey Humphrey
District Manager
Phone: (631) 852-3285
Fax:(631) 852-3302
423 Griffing Avenue
Riverhead NY 11901

Our Services



MAPS: Aerials, Soil, Topographic,
and Wetland
Our Department develops an aray of maps for
homeowners.  Call for more information.

Picture of topographic map

Soils Information
Soil Maps delineating Soils Types’ boundaries
and giving soils descriptions for land use are
available through our Department covering Suffolk
County in its entirety.  The Suffolk County Soil
Survey is a book that was produced by the Soil
Conservation Service {now the Natural Resources
Conservation Service (NRCS)} in 1975.  This
information is also now available (updated) online.
Image of a soil profile 
Soil Profile
Soil Erosion and Drainage 
Any Landowner may request an Evaluation and
Recommendations to reduce or alleviate soil
erosion, sedimentation, flooding, and drainage
issues for their property.  This includes; gullying,
wet spots, sunken areas etc.
Picture of severe gully erosion           
Severe gully erosion.
Manorville, New York.