The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Victim Services Unit
provides services to crime victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice process.

Being the victim of a crime can have a devastating impact on innocent victims. Each victimization has its own tale of loss: the loss of a loved one, the loss of property, the loss of a sense of security, the loss of control over one’s life and the loss of trust. Victims and witnesses often suffer physical, emotional and financial trauma as a result of the crime. Crime affects not only the victim, but also the victim’s family and friends. The effects of victimization are felt in many ways over a length of time. Problems can arise that a victim is unprepared or unable to resolve on their own.

The Victim Services Unit is here to help alleviate the trauma associated with being a victim of a crime and to provide necessary services and support.

The following are some of the services that the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Victim Services Unit can offer crime victims:

  • Assistance with applying to New York State Crime Victims Board for compensation.The Crime Victims Board may be able to reimburse you for your direct out-of-pocket expenses caused by the crime. These expenses may include the value of damage property, lost income or support, medical bills, or funeral bills. You may be eligible for compensation if:
  • You are the victim of a crime who has sustained personal physical injury;

  • You are the victim of unlawful imprisonment in the first degree or a victim of kidnapping in the first or second degree (limited to loss of earnings and counseling expenses);

  • You are an elderly (60 or older) or disabled victim of a crime who has suffered a loss or damage to articles of essential personal property (limited to repair or replacement of essential personal property to a maximum of $100, transportation expenses incurred for necessary court appearances in connection with the prosecution of the crime and counseling commenced within one year);

  • You are the surviving spouse, parent, child, or person dependent for your principal support, upon the victim who dies as a result of a crime;

  • You are the person who has paid or incurred the burial expenses of an innocent victim who dies as a direct result of a crime (limited to burial expenses only);

  • You are a child victim (under 18) of or witness to a crime, or the child's parent, guardian, or sibling.

  • Information on your role in the criminal justice process and the significant stages of the process.
  • Assistance with security measures to help protect you from intimidation and threats by the alleged offender's family or friends. There are laws to protect you from such behavior.
  • Court information and case information. This includes explaining each step of the proceeding in order to help alleviate confusion and the resulting anxiety. Additionally court dates, times and places can be confirmed along with information on what to expect when you get there.
  • Court accompaniment. If desired, a staff member of the Victim Services Unit will accompany the victim or witness to hearings and trial in order to provide support .
  • Assistance with Property Return.
  • Intervention with creditors and employers.
  • Referrals. We can assist you in obtaining the various services you may need. We have extensive listings of referrals and will be glad to act as liaison to agencies in order to expedite delivery of servies.
  • Assistance with post conviction proceedings. A staff person will be glad to assist you with the preparation of a Victim Impact Statement if pre-sentence report is prepared in the case. If the defendant is being sentenced for a felony conviction, you may request to speak at the time of sentencing. A staff person will assist you if requested and explain the necessary procedures. A staff person can assist you with notification procedures so that you are notified regarding parole, or release from a correctional facility.
The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Victim Services Unit is here to help you through the criminal justice process with support and services. We want to help you recover physically and emotionally from a difficult and painful time.

Suffolk County District Attorney Victim Services Unit
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