Suffolk County Treasurer's Office

Dear Suffolk County Resident: 

Welcome to the Office of the Suffolk County Comptroller. We are here to serve you in any way possible. We strive to do so, each and every day, in a professional and respectful manner, for you deserve no less than that from your county government.

As the Chief Investment Officer for Suffolk County, it is our sworn duty to protect the assets of the county and its nearly 1.5 million residents. We also administer the collection of delinquent property taxes, the county hotel/motel tax, and bail, while at the same time maintaining and protecting the records of the nearly 600,000 property tax parcels in the county.

The Comptroller’s Office monitors daily bank balances, makes certain that all cash balances are fully collateralized by our authorized depositories; ensures that all cash transactions, including federal and state aid and sales tax wire deposits are promptly, and accurately, recorded in the County’s ledger and subsequent databases;  acts, pursuant to state law, as the custodian of trust and agency monies such as bail, surplus court action, social services, and mortgage tax and community preservation funds; wires all debt services payments, restricts fund for short-term debt, and maintains cash balance data for all capital projects.

In addition, this office administers the County’s tax lien sale and tax deed undertakings; and is responsible for the administration, billing, and record keeping of properties covered by bankruptcy proceedings.

We offer a series of information brochures on a variety of tax-related issues ranging from general property tax information to issues concerning bail, property tax exemptions, assessments, property tax payment options, and the Star program. 

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