As your representative in County government, my primary responsibility is to make sure your voice is heard on every matter that affects you, your family and your standard of living. The 17th Legislative District is a diverse community, but from that diversity comes productive dialogue and the necessity of considering every point of view, which, in turn, is the true strength of representative Democracy.  I encourage you to contact me and my staff to ensure that your voice is heard. 


I am committed to tax relief, community safety, the preservation of our single-family neighborhoods, the protection of our environment and the enhancement of our local economy.  When it comes to cutting government costs, waste and perks, I take pride in leading by example. As your legislator, I’ve declined the use of a County car and cell phone and introduced fiscal reform legislation.  I am honored to represent you, and, in return, I thank you for your trust in me. You have my commitment that I will work every day to improve our quality of life.



Tax Relief

-- Held the line on County general fund property taxes.

-- Reduced spending on capital projects.

-- Established a blue ribbon commission to evaluate school district expenses and make recommendations to reduce spending.



National Middle School Association’s Young Adolescent Month As part of the National Middle School Association’s Young Adolescent Month, Stimson Middle School in Huntington Station invited Legislator D’Amaro to participate in its innovative “Student for a Day” program. Here, he joins 8th graders in art class.