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The FIMI project

The Fire Island Inlet to Moriches Inlet Project is a one-time, stand-alone placement of sand to stabilize Fire Island until the larger Fire Island to Montauk Point (FIMP) project is implemented. Suffolk County and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation are the local sponsors of this US Army Corps of Engineer-designed and funded project.  

Fire Island Inlet to Moriches Inlet - FIMI

beach shoreline along Fire Island

Fire Island Inlet to Moriches Inlet - FIMI

Update- January 24, 2017

Dune and berm construction for over half of the FIMI project has been completed!

Contract 1:Smith Point County Park was completed in early 2016.

Contract 2: Robert Moses State Park (RMSP), the Lighthouse Tract, and communities of Kismet and Saltaire were completed in 2016. Emergency repairs were also made at Robbins Rest which is under Contract 3A by utilizing sand stockpiled at RMSP. The stockpile was replenished as part of the construction work for Contract 3A which covers the communities of Fair Harbor to Seaview.

Kismet, July 2016

Contract 3A: Fair Harbor to Seaview – The County obtained all necessary real estate interests by April 2016 after which the Army Corps bid and awarded a construction contract to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (GLDD), the company that also did the work for Contract 2. Construction commenced, after the summer season, in September 2016 beginning with removal of existing ramps and or stairs to beach and installation of new piles. Sand placement began in Seaview in October and was completed in all of the remaining communities ahead of schedule by December 11, 2016 thanks to good weather conditions and minimal equipment failures. GLDD then replaced the sand stockpile in RMSP and has removed their equipment. Dune grass planting and sand fencing has also been completed.

New crossover construction is almost complete in these communities. The single relocation within the Dunewood community still needs to be completed by a subcontractor of GLDD. Vehicle crossovers were constructed at Corneille Estates and Atlantique.

Vehicular crossover (ocean side), December 2016

Looking west toward Robbins Rest, December 2016

Looking east toward Summer Club, December 2016
(Aerial photographs courtesy of resident Cliff Weinstein)

The remaining contracts have been renamed/renumbered: There are up to eight (8) FIMI Contracts that the U.S. Army Corps will enter into for construction of the project. In addition to Contracts 1 through 3A, the remaining contracts are described below and are currently being reassessed. The contracts will proceed as the real estate necessary for each contract is acquired by the County and therefore the work will not necessarily proceed in the chronological order of the contract number. The U.S. Army Corps cannot issue bids for construction work until the necessary real estate has been acquired.

Contract 3B1 -Demolitions (formerly Contract 3D) : This contract involved the house demolitions, and site clearings with bid options for the creation of a right of way between Cayuga Avenue and Midway Street and the Suffolk County Water Authority water main relocation under a portion of Traffic Avenue all in Ocean Bay Park. This contract was also to contain bid options for the two demolitions in Davis Park, one in Fire Island Pines and perhaps the demolition of the site for the new well in Ocean Beach. The demolition work in Ocean Bay Park will likely be added to Contract 3A contract which also contained demolition work. If that occurs, demolitions would then likely begin in in February subject to the contractor’s availability. The details are currently being worked out by Army Corps. Contract 3B1 would most likely be reassessed in order to add some of the work in the contracts below. Demolition work will be suspended in May although a date certain has yet to be determined.

Contract 3B2 -Relocations (formerly Contract 3E): This contract involves house relocations on the existing parcel which includes up to 13 houses in Davis Park. It is expected that the home elevations in Point O Woods and in Fire Island Pines will also be in this contract. Applications for building permits and variances are currently filed with the Town of Brookhaven. Real estate acquisition will be dependent upon how long it takes to get approvals from the Town and then how long it will take to finalize the easement acquisition. We hope to complete all easement acquisitions by May/June 2017 in advance of sand placement which is currently scheduled for Fall 2017.

Contract 3B3: (formerly Contract 3B2) Structural Modifications. Point O Woods, Fire Island Pines and Water Island: This contract involves deck, pool, crossover and wall removals. Applications for building permits have all been filed with the Town of Brookhaven. As noted above, real estate acquisition is dependent upon the time it takes to get all necessary approvals and to obtain all necessary easements. This work may be incorporated into 3B2 or 3B3.

Contract 3B4: (formerly Contract 3B1) Sand Placement from Ocean Bay Park to Davis Park. This contract involves the sand placement and dune crossover construction work. Design work is ongoing by the U.S. Army Corps and is currently planned for the Fall of 2017 and which is contingent upon the civil work in the above contracts being complete and acquisition of all lands and easements in Ocean Bay Park, Point O Woods, Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines, Water Island and Davis Park.

Contract 3C: This contract involves the relocation of the Village of Ocean Beach well. Engineering design plans are currently under review.

Real Estate for Ocean Bay Park to Davis Park: The County has certified real estate acquisition for all of Ocean Bay Park under Contract 3B1. There are two easements on the eastern end necessary to provide vehicular access to Cayuga Street from Seneca Street and Midway that must still be obtained.

Buyout offers for all potential fee acquisition/relocation parcels have been extended. Offers for easements on parcels NOT involving structural impacts are currently being extended to owners in Point O Woods, Fire Island Pines and Davis Park. Unlike prior communities, because of time constraints, the County is extending offers as appraisal approvals are received rather than wait for all approvals in a given community. This should enable the County to obtain the real estate more expeditiously. Offers in Cherry Grove and Water Island should follow in the coming months as appraisal approvals are received.

More News

Published: 1/27/2017

For Contract 3B, DEC is reaching out to community leaders to discuss in more detail the crossover locations and dimensions.

  • Non-ADA Crossovers with local traffic = 5 foot wide walking width with 5 foot walking width for stairs on both ends.
  • Non-ADA Crossovers with heavy traffic = 7½ foot walking width with 7½ foot walking width for stairs on both ends. If your community can justify the need for this larger walkover, one can be built.
  • ADA Crossover – Option #1 = 5 foot walking width with 5 foot wide walking width on the switchbacks and ramps that are sloped to meet existing elevation. Landing platforms will be 5 feet wide by 5 feet long.
  • ADA Crossover – Option #2 = 7 foot walking width with 7 foot wide walking width on the switchbacks and ramps that are sloped to meet existing elevation. Landing platforms will be 7 feet wide by 5 feet long.
  • ADA Crossover- Option #3= 6 foot walking width with 6 foot wide walking width on the switchbacks and ramps that are sloped to meet existing elevation. Landing platforms will be 6 feet wide by 5 feet long.