McGruff Initiative


Pictured is McGruff with two Suffolk County Correction Officers The McGruff program offers children in grades 1 & 2 important safety lessons while getting them actively involved in the learning process. Children of all ages are faced with many types of social challenges, and unfortunately, bullying has become a serious issue for many kids.

The McGruff Program seeks to give children the social tools they need to recognize bullying behavior, prevent it from occurring and handle it effectively when confronted with a tough situation – whether on the playground, the bus, the lunchroom or playing in the neighborhood.

While McGruff has been visiting classrooms all over Suffolk County for many years, Sheriff Errol Toulon has expanded the curriculum to better educate children with focused lessons on personal safety and bully prevention.

The program runs for 4 consecutive weeks: one day per week for 30 minutes. The program is taught by a Suffolk County Sheriff’s officer and culminates with a visit from McGruff the Crime Dog and attractive award certificates for all participants.  Teachers may reserve the program for the 2017-18 school year by calling 852-3763 or by using our easy online form.

McGruff is also available to make special stops at community events, schools and summer camps.  Call 852-3763 for more information, or use our online form.

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