Substance Abuse Awareness Presentation

Suffolk County Sheriff's Office, Substance Abuse Awareness Presentation

Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon, Jr., in conjunction with the Sheriff's Alcohol and Substance Abuse Task Force, is pleased to be able to offer a special presentation designed to educate parents and community members about drug abuse and the heroin epidemic that has swept across Long Island.  The program is a joint effort by the Sheriff's Office and drug abuse specialists located in towns throughout Suffolk County.  After each presentation, viewers are given the opportunity to connect and consult with local groups that can offer more information, advice and treatment.  

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office heroin and substance abuse presentation was developed after a Deputy Sheriff Investigator arrested a 19 year old woman from Suffolk County whose life spiraled out of control once she became addicted to the dangerous drug and became part of the heroin epidemic facing the youth of Long Island today.  

The presentation shatters the stereotype that most adults have of heroin users and shows us that the faces of heroin users in 2018 cover a wide cross-section of the population, from teenagers to young adults.   The presentation explains why heroin is more prominently used by our youth, compared to the more costly prescription drugs and shows parents and educators what to look for if you suspect your child might be involved in heroin use such as empty wax bags, needle caps, small rubber bands, burnt spoons, etc.  The presentation also touches on the physical symptoms to look for in a heroin user and concludes with a list of resources for parents if they suspect their child is involved with drug use.

To request this presentation for your school or organization, fill out the online request form and someone from the Sheriff's Office will contact you very soon.