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Sheriff DeMarco Creates Youth and Justice Committee

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Plans Tour of Youth Bureaus in Suffolk’s Ten Towns This Summer

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco launched a Youth and Justice Sub-Committee this week as part of his Youth Reentry Task Force.  Suffolk County Court Judge Fernando Camacho, who heads the County’s Felony Youth Part, attended the meeting and is working in partnership with the Sheriff on the new initiative.   Town Youth Bureau representatives from seven of Suffolk’s ten townships participated, along with Rev. Roderick Pearson, the Executive Director of the Suffolk County Youth Bureau, Janette Allen-McCombs of SUNY Stony Brook’s School of Social Welfare, Gerard Cairns of FREE, Inc. and Colleen Ansanelli, representing the County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

“When a young person returns back to their community after spending time in jail, they have a tendency to return to negative influences that will likely land them back in jail or prison.   The Youth and Justice Sub-Committee will be our bridge to Suffolk’s townships in our efforts to connect justice-involved with services in their own communities. Ultimately, this will improve public safety and help these young people lead more productive lives,” stated Sheriff DeMarco.

This summer, Sheriff DeMarco will accompany Judge Camacho on a tour of Suffolk’s youth bureaus to learn more about the services available in each community.    

“Through his initiatives focusing on adolescent offenders, Sheriff DeMarco has proven that he is a leader in confronting the challenges facing our county’s juvenile justice system, and I am pleased to work with him in reaching out to our townships to coordinate local efforts to make sure that we, as a community who cares about our children, keep kids out of jail and make our neighborhoods safer,” stated Judge Camacho.

About Sheriff DeMarco and the Youth Reentry Task Force

The County Sheriff has been at the forefront of a national trend towards developing effective inmate rehabilitation programs and coordinating community-based services for individuals reentering our communities after spending time in jail.  Due in part to these efforts, there has been a significant decrease in the county jail population since he first took office.  In 2005, the daily jail population averaged close to 2000 inmates, and now that figure is less than 1400.

In 2011, Sheriff DeMarco launched the Youth Tier and Youth Reentry Task Force Initiative to improve outcomes for incarcerated youth in the county jails, and the award-winning program has become a national model in the field of corrections.  The Sheriff’s Youth Reentry Task Force, which has grown to more than 40 members from the fields of mental health, education, government and corrections, has played an integral role in the program’s success. 

In June 2014, he was appointed by the Suffolk County Executive to be the Chairman of the County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC).

The primary purpose of the CJCC is to reduce crime and recidivism by promoting communication, collaboration, education, system-wide coordination, and decision-making among local juvenile and adult criminal justice agencies and local government, resulting in increased public safety for all of Suffolk County.

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