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Sheriff Sweeps Up Suffolk’s Domestic Violence Offenders

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Oct 10, 2006
Sheriff Sweeps Up Suffolk’s Domestic Violence Offenders
Sheriff Sweeps Up Suffolk's Domestic Violence Offenders
First time program nabs 28 fugitives

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco completed a warrant sweep of 28 fugitives who were wanted on domestic violence related charges. According to the U.S Department of Justice over 1 million people are victims of domestic violence every year and Suffolk County is no different with thousands of victims annually.

Sheriff DeMarco said, "This is the first time we have attempted a fugitive apprehension sweep focusing on domestic violence and there was no better time to do it than October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence is an inexcusable act and my office is committed to apprehending those who violate orders of protection and commit family offenses."

This sweep comes on the heels of a successful deadbeat parent sweep in May where 44 individuals, who owed more than $626,000 in child support arrears, were arrested.

The Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for serving and enforcing orders of protection as well as arresting those who violate them. So far this year the Domestic Violence Unit has served and enforced 3,495 orders of protection, seized 147 firearms, and arrested 450 individuals.

Sheriff DeMarco added, "The Sheriff's Office is committed to protecting victims of domestic violence as well as preventing it." The Sheriff said he will soon be kicking off a community education program, geared toward high school students, where the message will be "REAL MEN DON'T ABUSE".

Sheriffs throughout New York State have teamed up to offer a hotline for crime victims, including victims of domestic violence, that gives them the ability to track the jail custody status of their offenders and register to be notified, via phone or email, of their pending release. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the toll free number 1-888-VINE-4-NY (1-888-846-3469) or accessing www.VINELINK.COM

Sheriff DeMarco said, "Access to the Sheriff's Victim Hotline empowers domestic violence victims to gain a greater degree of control in their lives and the ability to make informed decisions about their safety, and I encourage them to take advantage of this resource."
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