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Sheriff DeMarco Announces Expansion of Project Lifesaver Program

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SOUTHAMPTON, NY-- Representatives of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office recently delivered a Project Lifesaver transmitter bracelet to Kim Covell of Water Mill whose son has Autism. The start-up cost of getting the device for the family was underwritten by the East End Police Foundation, which has recently partnered with the Sheriff’s Office to help promote the initiative.  Ms. Covell is the founder of the Flying Point Foundation for Autism.

Project Lifesaver is a tracking system for Suffolk County residents who care for children or adults that have the propensity to wander from their homes or care facilities. The system is designed to assist law enforcement and rescue agencies with locating lost or missing persons. 

Registered Project Lifesaver clients wear a personalized one ounce battery-operated transmitter bracelet that emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day.  Each transmitter has a range of several miles, and has its own frequency, enabling Deputy Sheriffs to positively locate and identify a missing person. To date, the Sheriff’s Office has purchased a total of ten tracking units with asset forfeiture funds, and recently expanded the number of Deputy Sheriffs trained to use the equipment.

“I encourage anyone caring for a loved one with autism or other cognitive challenges to look into Project Lifesaver. It offers great peace of mind to know that we have the capability to find them if they wander away unnoticed, and more importantly, to find them quickly to best ensure they are brought home safely,” stated Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

Detailed information about Project Lifesaver is available on the Sheriff’s website at, under the Community Programs link, or by calling (631) 852-4028.

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From left to right: Peter Bernagozzi, Aide to the Sheriff; Kim Covell, Founder of the Flying Point Foundation for Autism, Joe Cornetta, executive director of the East End Police Foundation, and Bryan Stoothoff, Aide to the Sheriff.

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