Domestic Violence Bureau

Domestic Violence Video

The function of the Deputy Sheriffs assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit is threefold.  They serve and enforce the Orders of Protection; they arrest individuals charged with violating Orders of Protection and those with Family Offense related warrants.  The third function is to provide victims with a safe refuge by removing batterers from the home, seizing weapons and executing all arrest warrants against the perpetrators of domestic violence. 

Requests for service of Orders of Protection continue to increase yearly as more and more victims reach out for court and law enforcement intervention.  The Domestic Violence Unit continues to work closely with other law enforcement agencies and victim support groups. 

The Sergeants assigned to D.V.U. have been delegated the duty of investigating an individual who has been identified by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as a person who has attempted to purchase a firearm.  This attempted purchase may be in violation of an Order of Protection.  If a violation of an Order of Protection has occurred, the Sergeant will prepare the proper paperwork to initiate the arrest process.