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Marina practices that can negatively impact the environment include:

  • Boat sewage disposal
  • Use of pumpouts and dump stations
  • Boating litter and fish waste disposal
  • Fueling and bilge care
  • Boat repair and maintenance
  • Hull cleaning and painting
  • Engine servicing

Basic Do's and Don'ts of Marina Maintenance

  • Never "top off" fuel tanks.
  • Report spills.
  • Use non-toxic cleaners.
  • Share any leftover paint, varnishes, or cleaners with other boaters. Dispose of any leftover waste oil, batteries, paint, or cleaner at a hazardous material collection station.
  • Advocate the use of your pumpout station, if you have one.
  • Provide multiple waste recepticals for boaters to dispose of their trash. Also, provide recepticals for recycable materials to encourage recycling.
  • Collect or vaccum all boat and dock cleaning and sanding wastes.

Various organizations have created marina pollution prevention guidance documents that dicuss more bmps and in greater detail. A few are listed below.

New York State Sea Grant created a website devoted to Marina BMPs. There is also a slide show addressing Marina Pollution Control Best Management Practices for Existing Marinas. Click here to view their website.

Brightwork-A Best Management Practices Manual for Maine's Boatyards and Marinas. Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Click here to view an electronic version of the document.

New Hampshire Marina Project. Click here to visit their website and view their suggested BMPs.