Suffolk County Government Crest

Suffolk County Stormwater Management Program

Edward P. Romaine, County Executive

Department of Public Works

Department of Economic Development and Planning

Inspect and maintain your car regularly to prevent oil, antifreeze, and other fluid leaks.

Take used motor oil, antifreeze, and other fluids to an automotive center with a recycling program or to your town's recycling center.

Have fluid leaks repaired promptly. Use kitty litter to soak up leaks and spills. Dispose of swept debris in the trash. Never dump oil or hose wastewater from oil spills into storm drains.

Take your car to a self-service car wash that recycles and treats the wash water.

Wash your car on your lawn and let the nutrient rich, soapy water fertilize your lawn. Avoid washing your car on the driveway or street. Car wash water that enters storm drains flows to local lakes, estuaries, and embayments; adding excess nutrients to the water, which causes harmful algal blooms.

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