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Suffolk County Stormwater Management Program

Steven Bellone, County Executive

Department of Public Works

Department of Economic Development and Planning

Part One and Two of the EPA's Six Minimum Control Measures are dedicated to Public Education and Outreach. Suffolk County and Cornell Cooperative Extension have put an education program in place that teaches the impact of stormwater on Suffolk County’s waterbodies and focuses on measures that can be taken to minimize pollution. Education programs for youth, civic groups, and seniors have been developed and are underway and we are currently implementing practices to involve the public in Suffolk County’s Phase II Stormwater Program.

Suffolk County and Cornell Cooperative Extension are currently offering free school programs for students on stormwater pollution in Suffolk County and also free presentations for community clubs and civic groups. Each program is specifically tailored for the recipient's age groups and is presented by a CCE Stormwater Educator. These free programs are funded by the Suffolk County Department of Public Works.

For more information, you can click the links located on your left or get in touch with our senior Stormwater Educator, Mark Cappellino, via phone at (631) 852-8660 ext.33 or email at