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See below for the fillable PDFs and information on how and where to submit the current year's Financial Disclosure Statement.



ALL FILERS can upload their certified 2024 FDS online from any computer that has internet, including home computers, phones, tablets, etc. Link is at:

With electronic filing online access, you can view your 2022 and 2023 FDS filings.

You need a unique identification number to access electronic filing.

If you do not receive a number by March 1, 2024, contact Board staff at 631-854-0022 and we will assign you one.

Want to learn more? Call us at 631-854-0022 or click below for Electronic Filing Instructions

2024 Electronic Filing Instructions

YOU MAY STILL FILE A HARD COPY with the Board - Click here for a list of all the places and ways you can file: General Filing Directions


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

*Candidates ONLY - due date is April 4, 2024. Call the Board’s office for additional information.

2024 Fillable Exhibit A

Use Exhibit A unless you are a Planning Commission member, a Parks Trustee, or a member of the Farmland Committee.

2024 Fillable Exhibit B

Planning Commission member and Parks Trustees ONLY.

2024 Fillable Farmland Committee

Farmland Committee members ONLY.

General Information: Financial Disclosure Statements

What is a Financial Disclosure Statement?

A Financial Disclosure Statement is a document which contains financial and professional information about the public employee filer, their spouse, and their unemancipated children.

What is the purpose of Financial Disclosure?

Financial Disclosure provides transparency about the private interests and activities of public officials allowing for the identification of potential conflicts of interest between an official’s personal affairs and an official’s public duties.

Who must file a Financial Disclosure?

Suffolk County elected officials, chairs of County political parties, County agency heads, specific County commissions and local public authorities, as well as certain County employees must file a financial disclosure statement by May 15th every year.

In addition, candidates for County elected office must file a financial disclosure statement within a certain time period after the filing of their designating petitions. If you are a candidate, please call the Board’s office for more information and specific dates.

Are Financial Disclosure Statements Confidential?

Suffolk County Financial Disclosure Statements are considered "public documents." This means that the Board must produce a financial disclosure statement if a member of the public requests it. However, certain information is "redacted" or blacked out before it is produced. For information on what is redacted prior to production see Board of Ethics Privacy Policy (Board Policy No. 1-2022).