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Patient Protection Oversight Committee


Suffolk County Department of Health Services' Administration Bldg. 3500 Sunrise Hwy Bldg. 200 Great River, NY 11739




10:00 AM


Along with an overview of the general activity of the Patient Advocate Unit, there will be a presentation by Ms. Lyndsey Clark, MS, Community Engagement Liaison at the Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC) Office of Population Health. SCC is an alliance of healthcare providers and community partners across Suffolk County who collaboratively address a wide range of challenges. The goal of the SCC is to improve community health outcomes for individuals with Medicaid, the underinsured, or the uninsured by improving healthcare accessibility, reducing health disparities, and improving and encouraging wellness. Ms. Clark will share her expertise as a Community Engagement Liaison and provide valuable information and insight on SCC's 11 health programs and extensive resources available.



Health Services
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