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Planning and Environment

The Suffolk County Division of Planning and Environment administers programs, develops policies, and provides information and expertise to promote sound planning and environmental protection in the County. The division is comprised of eight units.


Cartography and GIS - provides cartographic and GIS assistance within the department and to other agencies and municipalities within Suffolk County, on topics including land use, parks and open space, farmland, aquaculture, and natural resources.

Regulatory Review - advises the Suffolk County Planning Commission and the Council on Environmental Quality on the impacts of municipal and private actions in the County at-large and on facilities owned by the County and State.

Research and Statistics - provides data on the demographic, economic, housing, and development characteristics of Suffolk County, its municipalities, and communities.

Environmental Planning and Aquaculture - provides assistance to government agencies and the public regarding coastal activities including estuary management, flooding, erosion, wetlands, rivers and bays, fisheries, and the Suffolk County Aquaculture Lease Program.

Open Space and Farmland - oversees Suffolk County's open space programs, the Suffolk County Farmland Purchase of Development Rights Program, and the New York State Agricultural District Program within the County.

Water Quality Improvement - protects and remediates the quality of ground and surface waters throughout Suffolk County through the supervision, administration, and implementation of the water quality protection and restoration program; the remediation and redevelopment of all brownfield sites; and the coordination of activities of the County Department of Public Works and the County Department of Parks under the Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection Program.

Article XXXV of the Suffolk County Charter establishes and defines the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning.

The responsibilities of the Division of Planning and Environment include:

  • To prepare a Comprehensive Plan for Suffolk County, as provided in §§ A14-7 through A14-11 of the Suffolk County Administrative Code.
  • To make recommendations relating to planning functions of municipalities, as provided in § A14-12 of the Suffolk County Administrative Code.
  • At the request of municipalities within the County, to render planning services for the municipalities, as provided in § A14-13 of the Suffolk County Administrative Code.
  • To consider certain proposed municipal zoning actions, applications for variances and special permits, and subdivision plats as provided in § A14-14 et seq., of the Suffolk County Administrative Code.
  • To continue the updating of the Suffolk County Official Map.
  • To advise local, state and federal government on development projects, plans and activities having environmental impact.
  • To implement the directives of the Council on Environmental Quality.
  • To formulate and coordinate all long-range facilities planning among County departments.
  • To make recommendations to the County Legislature and the County Executive as to what County-owned properties should be dedicated to the County nature preserve, historic trust, conservation of agricultural lands, or bird sanctuary, and what properties not owned by the County should be acquired for environmental, health or open space purposes.
  • To oversee and manage the Suffolk County Brownfields Program; open space acquisitions; farmland rights acquisitions and conservation easements.
  • To administer the County's Farmland Program under Chapter 8 of the Suffolk County Code.
  • To supervise and manage the Suffolk County Shellfish Aquaculture Leasing Program.
  • To perform such other responsibilities and duties as may be assigned by law or by the County Executive or the County Legislature.

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