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Mortgage Tax

The Mortgage Tax Unit oversees the collection of mortgage tax as required by the State of New York and reviews all affidavits submitted to the office to insure they are in proper order. Court revenue is also accepted in this division. Mortgage tax is a one-time tax paid when a mortgage is recorded and is NOT part of the property taxes you may pay along with your monthly mortgage payment. For more information on your property taxes, contact your local town Tax Assessor.

Every mortgage presented for recording must contain the following:

  • The names and street addresses of the borrower and lender.A Post Office Box is not a legally acceptable address.A complete description of the property, including the state, county, township and village the property is located within.
  • The amount of the mortgage. Although not required for the purposes of recording, the terms and conditions of the mortgage should be listed in any mortgage document.
  • The date of the mortgage and signatures of the mortgagors.
  • The document must be signed and properly acknowledged by a notary public.
  • Every mortgage must have a completed Suffolk County Recording and Endorsement page as the first page of the document (items 6 and 8 must be filled in by the person or entity submitting documents for recording). The Suffolk County Recording and Endorsement Form is available on online. NOTE: Must be printed on legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper.      

The tax map number of the property must be certified by the Real Property Tax Service Agency prior to the mortgage being accepted for recording.The Mortgage tax is due and payable at the time of recording as described below:

Mortgage Tax is equal to 1.05% of the total mortgage amount (minus a $30.00 deduction if applicable) which consists of the following:

  • Basic Mortgage Tax is .50% of mortgage amount.
  • SONYMA (State of New York Mortgage Authority) aka Additional Tax is .30% of the mortgage amount. If the property covered by this mortgage is, or will be, improved by a one or two family dwelling, a $30.00 exemption on mortgage tax is applied. If the property is NOT improved as stated then one of the following clauses must be inserted; "This mortgage covers property principally improved or to be improved by one or more structures containing in aggregate not more than six residential dwelling units, each having their own separate cooking facilities"or"This mortgage covers property not to be improved by one or more structures containing in the aggregate not more than six residential dwelling units, each having their own separate cooking facilities."
  • MTA Special Assistance Taxis .25% of the mortgage amount. Exemptions to this tax, however, are allowed for Federal Credit Union or a natural person (as opposed to a company or corporation) for property improved by a one to two family dwelling or one to six family residential dwelling. If an exemption is claimed from mortgage tax, the proper 253 affidavit must be presented at time of recording.

Mortgage Tax must be paid by:

  1. certified check
  2. cash
  3. money order
  4. Title Company Check (only if indemnified)
  5. Attorney check (from Nassau and Suffolk counties only) - up to $1,000.00
  6. New York State Attorney’s escrow account / IOLA account check - up to $5,000.00.

Mortgage Recording Fee Schedule

The Record & Return To box (number 6) on the Suffolk County Recording and Endorsement Form, must be properly completed for the timely return of your recorded mortgage.

 $    5.00  PER SIDE
 $  20.00  HANDLING
 $    5.00  TAX EXEMPTION AFFIDAVIT if applicable
 $200.00 per  tax lot  REAL PROPERTY VERIFICATION FEE (RPVF) fee
 $300.00 per document    MORTGAGE VERIFICATION FEE effective January 1, 2017


Mortgage Verification Fee of $300.00 per document effective January 1, 2017, this fee will apply to all mortgage related documents. NOTE: Must be printed on legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper.

Rev. 11/22/2016

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