Suffolk County Board of Ethics

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Agendas and Minutes

Meeting dates are subject to change.

4-Jan-23 Agenda 4-Jan-23 Minutes 4-Jan-23
18-Jan-23 Agenda 18-Jan-23 Minutes 18-Jan-23
1-Feb-23 Agenda 1-Feb-23 Minutes 1-Feb-23
15-Feb-23 Agenda 15-Feb-23 Minutes 15-Feb-23
1-Mar-23 Agenda 1-Mar-23 Minutes 1-Mar-23
15-Mar-23 Agenda 15-Mar-23 Minutes 15-Mar-23
5-Apr-23 Agenda 5-Apr-23 Minutes 5-Apr-23
19-Apr-23 Agenda 19-Apr-23 Minutes 19-Apr-23
3-May-23 Agenda 3-May-23 Minutes 3-May-23
17-May-23 Agenda 17-May-23 Minutes 17-May-23
7-June-23 Agenda 7-June-23 Minutes 7-June-23
21-June-23 Agenda 21-June-23 Minutes 21-June-23
5-July-23 Agenda 5-July-23 Minutes 5-July-23
19-July-23 Agenda 19-July-23 Minutes 19-July-23
2-Aug-23 Agenda 2-Aug-23 Minutes 2-Aug-23
16-Aug-23 Agenda 16-Aug-23 Minutes 16-Aug-23
6-Sep-23 Agenda 6-Sep-23 Minutes 6-Sep-23
20-Sep-23 Agenda 20-Sep-23 Minutes 20-Sep-23
04-Oct-23 Agenda 04-Oct-23 Minutes 04-Oct-23

Previous Years

Meeting dates are subject to change.

6-Jan-21 Agenda 6-Jan-21 Minutes 6-Jan-21

01-06-2021 Adopt Policy to Remain in Same Zoom Call for Executive Session...

01-06-2021 Approve AO-2020-14, as amended

01-06-2021 Disapprove PR FDS-1038-2020

01-06-2021 Grant PR FDS-1025-2020 Redaction Policy

01-06-2021 Grant PR FDS-1031-2020 Redaction Policy

01-06-2021 Nominate Eric A. Kopp for Chair

01-06-2021 Nominate Linda A. Spahr for Vice Chair

20-Jan-21 Agenda 20-Jan-21 Minutes 20-Jan-21

01-20-2021 Approved Revised AO-2020-13, as corrected

3-Feb-21 Agenda 3-Feb-21 Minutes 3-Feb-21

02-03-2021 No Executive Session or Policy Votes

17-Feb-21 Agenda 17-Feb-21 Minutes 17-Feb-21

02-17-2021 No Executive Session or Policy Votes

3-Mar-21 Agenda 3-Mar-21 Minutes 3-Mar-21

03-03-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-1

17-Mar-21 Agenda 17-Mar-21 Minutes 17-Mar-21

03-17-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-2

03-17-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-3

03-17-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-5

7-April-21 Agenda 7-April-21 Minutes 7-April-21

04-07-2021 Amend prior motion, Approve AO-2021-6 subject to identity and conflict review, present draft to Board

04-07-2021 Approve AO-2021-1

04-07-2021 Approve AO-2021-2

04-07-2021 Approve AO-2021-3

04-07-2021 Approve AO-2021-6

04-07-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-6

04-07-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-7

04-07-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-8

04-07-2021 Initiate Informal Board Investigation No. 001-2021

21-April-21 Agenda 21-April-21 Minutes 21-April-21

04-21-2021 Approve AO-2021-7, as amended

04-21-2021 Approve AO-2021-8

04-21-2021 Approve AO-2021-10

04-21-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-9

04-21-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-10

04-21-2021 Initiate Informal Board Investigation 002-2021 in connection with C-001-2021

04-21-2021 Table AO-2021-5

04-21-2021 Table AO-2021-9

5-May-21 Agenda 5-May-21 Minutes 5-May-21

05-05-2021 Amend printed agenda and Approve Standing AO-2021-15

05-05-2021 Approve AO-2021-5

05-05-2021 Approve AO-2021-9, as amended

05-05-2021 Approve Standing AO-2021-11, 12, 13, and 14

05-05-2021 Dismiss C-001-2021 and Close Informal Board Investigation 001-2021

05-05-2021 Dismiss C-002-2021 and Referrals

05-05-2021 Issue a Determination and Referrals in connection to Informal Board Investigation No. 001-2021

19-May-21 Agenda 19-May-21 Minutes 19-May-21

05-19-2021 Adopt 77-2E Order and Directive

05-19-2021 approve AO-2021-11

05-19-2021 approve AO-2021-12

05-19-2021 approve AO-2021-13

05-19-2021 approve AO-2021-14

05-19-2021 approve standing of AO-2021-16

05-19-2021 disapprove standing of AO-2021-17 and referrals

05-19-2021 Extension EA-001-2021

05-19-2021 Extension EA-002-2021

05-19-2021 Extension EA-003-2021

05-19-2021 Nominate Bekofsky for Vice Chair

02-Jun-21 Agenda 02-Jun-21 Minutes 02-Jun-21

06-02-2021 Approve AO-2021-16

06-02-2021 Extend the time to request reconsideration AO-2021-9

06-02-2021 Extension EA-004-2021

06-02-2021 tabled AO-2021-15 for further review

16-Jun-21 Agenda 16-Jun-21 Minutes 16-Jun-21

06-16-2021 Approve AO-2021-15

06-16-2021 Approve PR FDS-1425-2021

06-16-2021 tabled reconsideration request of AO-2021-9

07-July-21 Agenda 07-July-21 Minutes 07-July-21

07-07-2021 approve FDS Privacy Requests (130)

07-07-2021 approve standing AO-2021-18

07-07-2021 approve standing AO-2021-19

07-07-2021 deny reconsideration of AO-2021-9

07-07-2021 deny reconsideration of AO-2021-15

21-July-21 Agenda 21-July-21 Minutes 21-July-21

07-21-2021 Approve AO-2021-19

07-21-2021 Approve standing AO-2021-20

07-21-2021 Decline to issue AO-2021-18

04-Aug-21 Agenda 04-Aug-21 Minutes 04-Aug-21 Uploads Pending
18-Aug-21 Agenda 18-Aug-21 Minutes 18-Aug-21 Uploads Pending
01-Sep-21 Agenda 01-Sep-21 Minutes 01-Sep-21 Uploads Pending
15-Sep-21 Agenda 15-Sep-21 Minutes 15-Sep-21 Uploads Pending
06-Oct-21 Agenda 06-Oct-21 Minutes 06-Oct-21 Uploads Pending
20-Oct-21 Agenda 20-Oct-21 Minutes 20-Oct-21 Uploads Pending
03-Nov-21 Agenda 03-Nov-21 Minutes 03-Nov-21 Uploads Pending
17-Nov-21 Agenda 17-Nov-21 Minutes 17-Nov-21 Uploads Pending
01-Dec-21 Agenda 01-Dec-21 Minutes 01-Dec-21 Uploads Pending
15-Dec-21 Agenda 15-Dec-21 Minutes 15-Dec-21 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

2-Jan-20 Agenda 2-Jan-20 Minutes 2-Jan-20 Uploads Pending
15-Jan-20 Agenda 15-Jan-20 Minutes 15-Jan-20 Uploads Pending
5-Feb-20 Agenda 5-Feb-20 Minutes 5-Feb-20 Uploads Pending
19-Feb-20 Agenda 19-Feb-20 Minutes 19-Feb-20 Uploads Pending
4-Mar-20 Agenda 4-Mar-20 Minutes 4-Mar-20 Uploads Pending
1-April-20 Agenda 1-Apr-20 Minutes 1-Apr-20 Uploads Pending
15-Apr-20 Agenda 15-Apr-20 Minutes 15-Apr-20 Uploads Pending
6-May-20 Agenda 6-May-20 Minutes 6-May-20 Uploads Pending
20-May-20 Agenda 20-May-20 Minutes 20-May-20 Uploads Pending
3-Jun-20 Agenda 3-Jun-20 Minutes 3-Jun-20 Uploads Pending
17-Jun-20 Agenda 17-Jun-20 Minutes 17-Jun-20 Uploads Pending
01-Jul-20 Agenda 01-Jul-20 Minutes 01-Jul-20 Uploads Pending
15-Jul-20 Agenda 15-Jul-20 Minutes 15-Jul-20 Uploads Pending
05-Aug-20 Agenda 05-Aug-20 Minutes 05-Aug-20 Uploads Pending
19-Aug-20 Agenda 19-Aug-20 Minutes 19-Aug-20 Uploads Pending
02-Sep-20 Agenda 02-Sep-20 Minutes 02-Sep-20 Uploads Pending
16-Sep-20 Agenda 16-Sep-20 Minutes 16-Sep-20 Uploads Pending
07-Oct-20 Agenda 07-Oct-20 Minutes 07-Oct-20 Uploads Pending
21-Oct-20 Agenda 21-Oct-20 Minutes 21-Oct-20 Uploads Pending
04-Nov-20 Agenda 04-Nov-20 Minutes 04-Nov-20 Uploads Pending
18-Nov-20 Agenda 18-Nov-20 Minutes 18-Nov-20 Uploads Pending
02-Dec-20 Agenda 02-Dec-20 Minutes 02-Dec-20 Uploads Pending
16-Dec-20 Agenda 16-Dec-20 Minutes 16-Dec-20 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

2-Jan-19 Agenda 2-Jan-19 Minutes 2-Jan-19 Uploads Pending
16-Jan-19 Agenda 16-Jan-19 Minutes 16-Jan-19 Uploads Pending
6-Feb-19 Agenda 6-Feb-19 Minutes 6-Feb-19 Uploads Pending
20-Feb-19 Agenda 20-Feb-19 Minutes 20-Feb-19 Uploads Pending
6-Mar-19 Agenda 6-Mar-19 Minutes 6-Mar-19 Uploads Pending
20-Mar-19 Agenda 20-Mar-19 Minutes 20-Mar-19 Uploads Pending
3-Apr-19 Agenda 3-Apr-19 Minutes 3-Apr-19 Uploads Pending
17-Apr-19 Agenda 17-Apr-19 Minutes 17-Apr-19 Uploads Pending
1-May-19 Agenda 1-May-19 Minutes 1-May-19 Uploads Pending
15-May-19 Agenda 15-May-19 Minutes 15-May-19 Uploads Pending
5-Jun-19 Agenda 5-Jun-19 Minutes 5-Jun-19 Uploads Pending
19-Jun-19 Agenda 19-Jun-19 Minutes 19-Jun-19 Uploads Pending
3-Jul-19 Agenda 3-Jul-19 Minutes 3-Jul-19 Uploads Pending
17-Jul-19 Agenda 17-Jul-19 Minutes 17-Jul-19 Uploads Pending
7-Aug-19 Agenda 7-Aug-19 Minutes 7-Aug-19 Uploads Pending
21-Aug-19 Agenda 21-Aug-19 Minutes 21-Aug-19 Uploads Pending
4-Sep-19 Agenda 4-Sep-19 Minutes 4-Sep-19 Uploads Pending
18-Sep-19 Agenda 18-Sep-19 Minutes 18-Sep-19 Uploads Pending
2-Oct-19 Agenda 2-Oct-19 Minutes 2-Oct-19 Uploads Pending
16-Oct-19 Agenda 16-Oct-19 Minutes 16-Oct-19 Uploads Pending
6-Nov-19 Agenda 6-Nov-19 Minutes 6-Nov-19 Uploads Pending
20-Nov-19 Agenda 20-Nov-19 Minutes 20-Nov-19 Uploads Pending
4-Dec-19 Agenda 4-Dec-19 Minutes 4-Dec-19 Uploads Pending
18-Dec-19 Agenda 18-Dec-19 Minutes 18-Dec-19 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

3-Jan-18 Agenda 3-Jan-18 Minutes 3-Jan-18 Uploads Pending
17-Jan-18 Agenda 17-Jan-18 Minutes 17-Jan-18 Uploads Pending
7-Feb-18 Agenda 7-Feb-18 Minutes 7-Feb-18 Uploads Pending
21-Feb-18 Agenda 21-Feb-18 Minutes 21-Feb-18 Uploads Pending
7-Mar-18 Agenda 7-Mar-18 Minutes 7-Mar-18 Uploads Pending
21-Mar-18 Cancelled Uploads Pending
4-Apr-18 Agenda 4-Apr-18 Minutes 4-Apr-18 Uploads Pending
18-Apr-18 Agenda 18-Apr-18 Minutes 18-Apr-18 Uploads Pending
2-May-18 Agenda 2-May-18 Minutes 2-May-18 Uploads Pending
16-May-18 Cancelled Uploads Pending
6-Jun-18 Agenda 6-Jun-18 Minutes 6-Jun-18 Uploads Pending
20-Jun-18 Agenda 20-Jun-18 Minutes 20-Jun-18 Uploads Pending
3-Jul-18 Cancelled Uploads Pending
18-Jul-18 Agenda 18-Jul-18 Minutes 18-Jul-18 Uploads Pending
1-Aug-18 Agenda 1-Aug-18 Minutes 1-Aug-18 Uploads Pending
15-Aug-18 Agenda 15-Aug-18 Minutes 15-Aug-18 Uploads Pending
5-Sep-18 Agenda 5-Sep-18 Minutes 5-Sep-18 Uploads Pending
19-Sep-18 Agenda 19-Sep-18 Minutes 19 Sep-18 Uploads Pending
3-Oct-18 Agenda 3-Oct-18 Minutes 3-Oct-18 Uploads Pending
17-Oct-18 Agenda 17-Oct-18 Minutes 17-Oct-18 Uploads Pending
7-Nov-18 Agenda 7-Nov-18 Minutes 7-Nov-18 Uploads Pending
21-Nov-18 Agenda 21-Nov Minutes 21-Nov-18 Uploads Pending
5-Dec-18 Agenda 5-Dec-18 Minutes 5-Dec-18 Uploads Pending
19-Dec-18 Agenda 19-Dec-18 Minutes 19-Dec-18 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

4-Jan-17 Agenda 4-Jan-17 Minutes 4-Jan-17 Uploads Pending
18-Jan-17 Agenda 18-Jan-17 Minutes 18-Jan-17 Uploads Pending
1-Feb-17 Agenda 1-Feb-17 Minutes 1-Feb-17 Uploads Pending
15-Feb-17 Agenda 15-Feb-17 Minutes 15-Feb-17 Uploads Pending
1-Mar-17 Agenda 1-Mar-17 Minutes 1-Mar-17 Uploads Pending
15-Mar-17 Cancelled Uploads Pending
5-Apr-17 Agenda 5-Apr-17 Minutes 5-Apr-17 Uploads Pending
19-Apr-17 Agenda 19-Apr-17 Minutes 19-Apr-17 Uploads Pending
3-May-17 Agenda 3-May-17 Minutes 3-May-17 Uploads Pending
17-May-17 Agenda 17-May-17 Minutes 17-May-17 Uploads Pending
7-Jun-17 Agenda 7-Jun-17 Minutes 7-Jun-17 Uploads Pending
21-Jun-17 Agenda 21-Jun-17 Minutes 21-Jun-17 Uploads Pending
5-Jul-17 Agenda 5-Jul-17 Minutes 5-Jul-17 Uploads Pending
19-Jul-17 Agenda 19-Jul-17 Minutes 19-Jul-17 Uploads Pending
2-Aug-17 Agenda 2-Aug-17 Minutes 2-Aug-17 Uploads Pending
16-Aug-17 Agenda 16-Aug-17 Minutes 16-Aug-17 Uploads Pending
6-Sep-17 Agenda 6-Sep-17 Minutes 6-Sep-17 Uploads Pending
20-Sep-17 Agenda 20-Sep-17 Minutes 20-Sep-17 Uploads Pending
4-Oct-17 Agenda 4-Oct-17 Minutes 4-Oct-17 Uploads Pending
18-Oct-17 Agenda 18-Oct-17 Minutes 18-Oct-17 Uploads Pending
1-Nov-17 Agenda 1-Nov-17 Minutes 1-Nov-17 Uploads Pending
15-Nov-17 Agenda 15-Nov-17 Minutes 15-Nov-17 Uploads Pending
6-Dec-17 Agenda 6-Dec-17 Minutes 6-Dec-17 Uploads Pending
20-Dec-17 Agenda 20-Dec-17 Minutes 20-Dec-17 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

6-Jan-16 Agenda 6-Jan-16 Minutes 6-Jan-16 Uploads Pending
20-Jan-16 Agenda 20-Jan-16 Minutes 20-Jan-16 Uploads Pending
3-Feb-16 Agenda 3-Feb-16 Minutes 3-Feb-16 Uploads Pending
17-Feb-16 Agenda 17-Feb-16 Minutes 17-Feb-16 Uploads Pending
2-Mar-16 Agenda 2-Mar-16 Minutes 2-Mar-16 Uploads Pending
16-Mar-16 Agenda 16-Mar-16 Minutes 16-Mar-16 Uploads Pending
6-Apr-16 Agenda 6-Apr-16 Minutes 6-Apr-16 Uploads Pending
20-Apr-16 Agenda 20-Apr-16 Minutes 20-Apr-16 Uploads Pending
4-May-16 Agenda 4-May-16 Minutes 4-May-16 Uploads Pending
18-May-16 Agenda 18-May-16 Minutes 18-May-16 Uploads Pending
1-Jun-16 Agenda 1-Jun-16 Minutes 1-Jun-16 Uploads Pending
15-Jun-16 Agenda 15-Jun-16 Minutes 15-Jun-16 Uploads Pending
6-Jul-16 Agenda 6-Jul-16 Minutes 6-Jul-16 Uploads Pending
20-Jul-16< Agenda 20-Jul-16 Minutes 20-Jul-16 Uploads Pending
3-Aug-16 Agenda 3-Aug-16 Minutes 3-Aug-16 Uploads Pending
17-Aug-16 Agenda 17-Aug-16 Minutes 17-Aug-16 Uploads Pending
7-Sep-16 Agenda 7-Sep-16 Minutes 7-Sep-16 Uploads Pending
21-Sep-16 Agenda 21-Sep-16 Minutes 21-Sep-16 Uploads Pending
5-Oct-16 Agenda 5-Oct-16 Minutes 5-Oct-16 Uploads Pending
19-Oct-16 Agenda 19-Oct-16 Minutes 19-Oct-16 Uploads Pending
2-Nov-16 Agenda 2-Nov-16 Minutes 2-Nov-16 Uploads Pending
16-Nov-16 Agenda 16-Nov-16 Minutes 16-Nov-16 Uploads Pending
7-Dec-16 Agenda 7-Dec-16 Minutes 7-Dec-16 Uploads Pending
21-Dec-16 Agenda 21-Dec-16 Minutes 21-Dec-16 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.




14-Jan-15 Agenda 14-Jan-15 Minutes 14-Jan-15 Uploads Pending
21-Jan-15 Cancelled Uploads Pending
4-Feb-15 Agenda 4-Feb-15 Minutes 4-Feb-15 Uploads Pending
18-Feb-15 Cancelled Uploads Pending
25-Feb-15 Agenda 25-Feb-15 Minutes 25-Feb-15 Uploads Pending
4-Mar-15 Cancelled Uploads Pending
11-Mar-15 Agenda 11-Mar-15 Minutes 11-Mar-15 Uploads Pending
18-Mar-15 Agenda 18-Mar-15 Minutes 18-Mar-15 Uploads Pending
1-Apr-15 Agenda 1-Apr-15 Minutes 1-Apr-15 Uploads Pending
15-Apr-15 Agenda 15-Apr-15 Minutes 15-Apr-15 Uploads Pending
22-Apr-15 Agenda 22-Apr-15 Minutes 22-Apr-15 Uploads Pending
6-May-15 Agenda 6-May-15 Minutes 6-May-15 Uploads Pending
20-May-15 Agenda 20-May-15 Minutes 20-May-15 Uploads Pending
3-Jun-15 Agenda 3-Jun-15 Minutes 3-Jun-15 Uploads Pending
17-Jun-15 Agenda 17-Jun-15 Minutes 17-Jun-15 Uploads Pending
1-Jul-15 Agenda 1-Jul-15 Minutes 1-Jul-15 Uploads Pending
15-Jul-15 Agenda 15-Jul-15 Minutes 15-Jul-15 Uploads Pending
5-Aug-15 Agenda 5-Aug-15 Minutes 5-Aug-15 Uploads Pending
19-Aug-15 Agenda 19-Aug-15 Minutes 19-Aug-15 Uploads Pending
2-Sep-15 Agenda 2-Sep-15 Minutes 2-Sep-15 Uploads Pending
16-Sep-15 Agenda 16-Sep-15 Minutes 16-Sep-15 Uploads Pending
7-Oct-15 Agenda 7-Oct-15 Minutes 7-Oct-15 Uploads Pending
21-Oct-15 Agenda 21-Oct-15 Minutes 21-Oct-15 Uploads Pending
4-Nov-15 Agenda 4-Nov-15 Minutes 4-Nov-15 Uploads Pending
18-Nov-15 Agenda 18-Nov-15 Minutes 18-Nov-15 Uploads Pending
2-Dec-15 Agenda 2-Dec-15 Minutes 2-Dec-15 Uploads Pending
16-Dec-15 Agenda 16-Dec-15 Minutes 16-Dec-15 Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

8-Jan-14 8-Jan Agenda 8-Jan Minutes Uploads Pending
22-Jan-14 Cancelled Uploads Pending
29-Jan-14 29-Jan Agenda 29-Jan Minutes Uploads Pending
5-Feb-14 Cancelled Uploads Pending
26-Feb-14 26-Feb Agenda 26-Feb Minutes Uploads Pending
12-Mar-14 12-Mar Agenda 12-Mar Minutes Uploads Pending
26-Mar-14 26-Mar Agenda 26-Mar Minutes Uploads Pending
9-Apr-14 9-Apr Agenda 9-Apr Minutes Uploads Pending
23-Apr-14 23-Apr Agenda 23-Apr Minutes Uploads Pending
7-May-14 7-May Agenda 7-May Minutes Uploads Pending
27-May-14 27-May Agenda 27-May Minutes Uploads Pending
11-Jun-14 11-Jun Agenda 11-Jun Minutes Uploads Pending
30-Jun-14 30-Jun Agenda 30-Jun Minutes Uploads Pending
8-Jul-14 8-Jul Agenda 8-Jul Minutes Uploads Pending
23-Jul-14 23-Jul Agenda 23-Jul Minutes Uploads Pending
6-Aug-14 6-Aug Agenda 6-Aug Minutes Uploads Pending
20-Aug-14 20-Aug Agenda 20-Aug Minutes Uploads Pending
3-Sep-14 3-Sep Agenda 3-Sep Minutes Uploads Pending
17-Sep-14 17-Sep Agenda 17-Sep Minutes Uploads Pending
1-Oct-14 1-Oct Agenda 1-Oct Minutes Uploads Pending
15-Oct-14 15-Oct Agenda 15-Oct Minutes Uploads Pending
5-Nov-14 5-Nov Agenda 5-Nov Minutes Uploads Pending
19-Nov-14 19-Nov Agenda 19-Nov Minutes Uploads Pending
3-Dec-14 3-Dec Agenda 3-Dec Minutes Uploads Pending
17-Dec-14 17-Dec Agenda 17-Dec Minutes Uploads Pending

Meeting dates are subject to change.

11-Jan -13
(Planning Session)
11-Jan Agenda 11-Jan Minutes Uploads Pending
16-Jan-13 16-Jan Agenda 16-Jan Minutes Uploads Pending
30-Jan-13 30-Jan Agenda 30-Jan Minutes Uploads Pending
13-Feb-13 Cancelled Uploads Pending
27-Feb-13 27-Feb Agenda 27-Feb Minutes Uploads Pending
11-Mar-13 11-Mar Agenda 11-Mar Minutes Uploads Pending
27-Mar-13 27-Mar Agenda 27-Mar Minutes Uploads Pending
10-Apr-13 10-Apr Agenda 10-Apr Minutes Uploads Pending
24-Apr-13 24-Apr Agenda 24-Apr Minutes Uploads Pending
8-May-13 8-May Agenda 8-May Minutes Uploads Pending
22-May-13 22-May Agenda 22-May Minutes Uploads Pending
11-Jun-13 11-Jun Agenda 11-Jun Minutes Uploads Pending
26-Jun-13 Cancelled Uploads Pending
10-Jul-13 10-Jul Agenda 10-Jul Minutes Uploads Pending
24-Jul-13 24-Jul Agenda 24-Jul Minutes Uploads Pending
14-Aug-13 14-Aug Agenda 14-Aug Minutes Uploads Pending
28-Aug-13 Cancelled Uploads Pending
11-Sep-13 11-Sep Agenda 11-Sep Minutes Uploads Pending
25-Sep-13 25-Sep Agenda 25-Sep Minutes Uploads Pending
9-Oct-13 9-Oct Agenda 9-Oct Minutes Uploads Pending
23-Oct-13 23-Oct Agenda 23-Oct Minutes Uploads Pending
13-Nov-13 13-Nov Agenda 13-Nov Minutes Uploads Pending
20-Nov-13 20-Nov Agenda 20-Nov Minutes Uploads Pending
5-Dec-13 5-Dec Agenda 5-Dec Minutes Uploads Pending
11-Dec-13 11-Dec Agenda 11-Dec Minutes Uploads Pending
16-Dec-13 16-Dec Agenda 16-Dec Minutes Uploads Pending