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Agendas and Minues

Meeting dates are subject to change.

6-Jan-21 Agenda 6-Jan-21 Minutes 6-Jan-21
20-Jan-21 Agenda 20-Jan-21 Minutes 20-Jan-21
3-Feb-21 Agenda 3-Feb-21 Minutes 3-Feb-21
17-Feb-21 Agenda 17-Feb-21 Minutes 17-Feb-21
3-Mar-21 Agenda 3-Mar-21 Minutes 3-Mar-21
17-Mar-21 Agenda 17-Mar-21 Minutes 17-Mar-21
7-April-21 Agenda 7-April-21 Minutes 7-April-21
21-April-21 Agenda 21-April-21 Minutes 21-April-21
5-May-21 Agenda 5-May-21 Minutes 5-May-21
19-May-21 Agenda 19-May-21 Minutes 19-May-21
02-Jun-21 Agenda 02-Jun-21 Minutes 02-Jun-21
16-Jun-21 Agenda 16-Jun-21 Minutes 16-Jun-21
07-July-21 Agenda 07-July-21 Minutes 07-July-21
21-July-21 Agenda 21-July-21 Minutes 21-July-21
04-Aug-21 Agenda 04-Aug-21 Minutes 04-Aug-21
18-Aug-21 Agenda 18-Aug-21 Minutes 18-Aug-21
01-Sep-21 Agenda 01-Sep-21 Minutes 01-Sep-21
15-Sep-21 Agenda 15-Sep-21 Minutes 15-Sep-21

Meeting dates are subject to change.

11-Jan -13
(Planning Session)
11-Jan Agenda 11-Jan Minutes
16-Jan-13 16-Jan Agenda 16-Jan Minutes
30-Jan-13 30-Jan Agenda 30-Jan Minutes
13-Feb-13 Cancelled
27-Feb-13 27-Feb Agenda 27-Feb Minutes
11-Mar-13 11-Mar Agenda 11-Mar Minutes
27-Mar-13 27-Mar Agenda 27-Mar Minutes
10-Apr-13 10-Apr Agenda 10-Apr Minutes
24-Apr-13 24-Apr Agenda 24-Apr Minutes
8-May-13 8-May Agenda 8-May Minutes
22-May-13 22-May Agenda 22-May Minutes
11-Jun-13 11-Jun Agenda 11-Jun Minutes
26-Jun-13 Cancelled
10-Jul-13 10-Jul Agenda 10-Jul Minutes
24-Jul-13 24-Jul Agenda 24-Jul Minutes
14-Aug-13 14-Aug Agenda 14-Aug Minutes
28-Aug-13 Cancelled
11-Sep-13 11-Sep Agenda 11-Sep Minutes
25-Sep-13 25-Sep Agenda 25-Sep Minutes
9-Oct-13 9-Oct Agenda 9-Oct Minutes
23-Oct-13 23-Oct Agenda 23-Oct Minutes
13-Nov-13 13-Nov Agenda 13-Nov Minutes
20-Nov-13 20-Nov Agenda 20-Nov Minutes
5-Dec-13 5-Dec Agenda 5-Dec Minutes
11-Dec-13 11-Dec Agenda 11-Dec Minutes
16-Dec-13 16-Dec Agenda 16-Dec Minutes

Suffolk County Government

H. Lee Dennison Bldg

100 Veterans Memorial Hwy
P.O. Box 6100
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Riverhead County Center

County Road 51
Riverhead, NY 11901