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Benefits of the Parks Watch Program

  • Prevents incidents of vandalism, crime and misuse and abuse of public property
  • Reduces repair and restoration costs for equipment and facilities
  • Helps make our parks a haven for children and adults to enjoy
  • Teaches children to be observant and responsible users of the park system
  • Protects our land now and for the future so that all can safely enjoy them.

Parks Watch

The Suffolk County Parks Watch Program works with the assistance of residents to help keep our parks clean and free of dumping of refuse, criminal activities, fires, environmental degradation and vandalism. Park users are encouraged to Report Illegal Dumping and any other activities that harm the natural beauty of our parks and interfere with the safe enjoyment of the grounds and amenities of the park system. If you see suspicious activities or problems that should be reported, please note the location, describe those involved and record a license number, color and make of a suspicious vehicle.

To Report Contact Suffolk County RID

By phone (631) 854-1423 or RID@suffolkcountyny.gov

Call 911 if you witness dumping in progress.

About Report Illegal Dumping (RID)

Established by resolution no., 1004-2017, Suffolk County RID is a program that recruits and encourages Suffolk County residents to protect County parklands by watching for and reporting suspicious activity in county owned parks.

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