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Storm Surge and Shelter Locator Map


For more Information about this new mapping tool continue on this page.

This interactive tool is provided for your information and use to assist with personal preparedness when emergency situations, storm flooding conditions or potential evacuations may occur.  

The Storm Surge Zone and Mapping Tool is now mobile compatible and it will work on cellphones and tablets.

The map identifies:

  • address locations
  • the specific types of shelters available within Suffolk County (i.e. General Population, Pet Friendly, Special Needs, Functional Needs)
  • the location, capabilities and pertinent information about each shelter
  • which shelters are currently open in actual emergency situations
  • a mapping feature for driving directions to shelters
  • Storm Surge Zones showing potential flood areas from different strength hurricanes

Using this tool allows viewers to enter a specific address within the County and visually determine if that location is within an area subject to storm surge flooding.  It also identifies the location of all potential shelters within the County.  During a real emergency event, where sheltering of residents may be needed, actual conditions will dictate which shelters are open.  In emergency situations, only those shelters that are open will be shown on the interactive map.  Please note that the shelter closest to your residence may not be open.  The mapping tool can also be used to provide viewers with directions to shelter locations.

Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this emergency preparedness tool and to use it for their own planning, safety and protection.

If you determine that your home lies within a storm surge zone that has the potential to flood, you may want to make arrangements to stay with relatives or friends who live in an area that is less likely to flood, such as along the spine of Long Island near the Long Island Expressway.  You should plan on going to a shelter only as a last resort.

We recommend that all Suffolk County Residents purchase flood insurance. For those residents that live in a storm surge zone it is particularly import to purchase flood insurance. Click here to learn more about flood insurance.

If you believe that you may need assistance during an evacuation please register with our Emergency Preparedness Registry.Click here to learn more about the Suffolk County Emergency Preparedness Registry.

 The Shelter and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool was developed by Suffolk County through the combined efforts of the Departments of Information Technology and Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services.

Click here to downloading a PDF Map of the Storm Surge Zones in Suffolk County.

Shelter and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool

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