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Important Information About the September 2022 Cyberattack

On or about September 8, 2022, Suffolk County determined that its systems had been affected by what appeared to be a cyberattack. While the cyber assessment remains ongoing, we believe that the threat actors accessed and/or acquired certain personal information from one or more County agency servers. The County promptly hired multiple cybersecurity firms to conduct an examination to protect employees and residents as well as restore online services.

The County will notify any affected individuals as required by law, and all of those affected individuals will be offered free identity theft protection services. However, because the assessment is ongoing, Suffolk County wants to ensure that employees, residents and stakeholders are informed about precautionary measures they can take to help them protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud or identity theft.

What Can You Do?

Review Your Accounts and Credit Reports

You should regularly review statements from your accounts and periodically obtain your credit report from one or more of the national credit reporting companies. When you receive your credit report, look it over with care. If you notice anything suspicious – accounts you did not open, inquiries from creditors that you did not initiate, personal information such as a home address or Social Security number that is not accurate – or you see anything you do not understand, call the credit reporting agency at the number listed in the report. If you find fraudulent or suspicious activity in your credit reports, you should promptly report the matter to the proper law enforcement authorities.

Follow the steps recommended below for reporting fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Place a Fraud Alert on your Credit Files

If you are interested in protection against the possibility of identity theft, we recommend that you place a fraud alert on your credit files. A fraud alert conveys a special message to anyone requesting your credit report that you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud. When you or someone else attempts to open a credit account in your name, the lender should take measures to verify that you have authorized the request. A fraud alert should not stop you from using your existing credit cards or other accounts, but it may slow down your ability to get new credit. An initial fraud alert is valid for ninety (90) days. To place a fraud alert on your credit reports, contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies at the appropriate number listed below or via their website. One agency will notify the other two on your behalf. You will then receive letters from the agencies with instructions on how to obtain a free copy of your credit report from each.

Place a Security Freeze on your Credit Reports

New York residents can also consider placing a Security Freeze on their credit reports. A Security Freeze prevents most potential creditors from viewing your credit reports and therefore, further restricts the opening of unauthorized accounts. For more information on placing a security freeze on your credit reports, please go to the New York Department of State Division of Consumer Protection website at https://dos.nysits.acsitefactory.com/consumer-protection.

Remain Vigilant

Even if you do not find signs of fraud on your credit reports, we recommend that you remain vigilant in reviewing your credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies. You may obtain a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com, calling toll-free 877-322-8228 or by completing an Annual Credit Request Form at: www.ftc.gov/bcp/menus/consumer/credit/rights.shtm and mailing to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 1025281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5283

For more information on identity theft, you can visit the following websites:

Below you will find contact information for the County’s various departments and agencies as well as up to date service information. For general inquiries please call Suffolk County 311 by dialing 311 or 631-853-6311.

Elected Officials

Office of County Executive

Steven Bellone was sworn into office as Suffolk County Executive on January 1, 2012. He is the 8th County Executive in County history. He previously served as Babylon Town Supervisor from 2001-2011.

County Executive Bellone, who represents more than 1.5 million residents, has focused his efforts on saving taxpayer dollars through Government Reform, boosting Economic Development to create local and lasting Suffolk County jobs, improving Long Island’s Water Quality to protect the region’s water supply, and enhancing the Quality of Life of Suffolk residents by improving public safety and investing in County parks and roads.

Click Below to Email:

Community Affairs

Click below to email the County Executive’s Office Front Desk for General Inquiries, Invites, etc:

Front Desk

Click below to email the County Executives Press Office for all Press related matters:

Press Office


The Comptroller’s Office monitors daily bank balances, makes certain that all cash balances are fully collateralized by our authorized depositories; ensures that all cash transactions, including federal and state aid and sales tax wire deposits are promptly, and accurately, recorded in the County’s ledger and subsequent databases; acts, pursuant to state law, as the custodian of trust and agency monies such as bail, surplus court action, social services, and mortgage tax and community preservation funds; wires all debt services payments, restricts fund for short-term debt, and maintains cash balance data for all capital projects. In addition, this office administers the County’s tax lien sale and tax deed undertakings; and is responsible for the administration, billing, and record keeping of properties covered by bankruptcy proceedings.

General Inquiries

County Clerk

The Suffolk County Clerk's Office continues to develop strategies and systems that promote real-time services and facilitate worldwide communication and access. Our office receives daily inquiries from people nationwide wanting more information and we are more than eager to comply. We are constantly working to strip away layers of bureaucracy, improve access to official records, and streamline operations while containing costs.

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General Inquiries

SCCO Alerts


District Attorney

Raymond A. Tierney was elected as the Suffolk County District Attorney on November 2, 2021, and assumed office on January 1, 2022. District Attorney Tierney is a career prosecutor, having served more than 27 years as a prosecutor at both the state and federal levels. District Attorney Tierney is an independent prosecutor committed to enforcing the law in an ethical and accountable manner to protect the citizens of Suffolk County.

Click below to email the District Attorney’s Office Front Desk for General Inquiries:

General Inquiries

Apply to the Office

Direct Line: 631-853-4141


The responsibilities of the Suffolk County Legislature include: Setting county policy and enacting all local legislation; Adopting all the capital, operating, and college budgets; Authorizing the issuance of debt; Setting fee schedules for certain county services.

Click Below to Email:

Legislative District 1 - Legislator Al Krupski

Legislative District 2 - Legislator Bridget Fleming

Legislative District 3 - Legislator James F. Mazzarella

Legislative District 4 - Legislator Nick Caracappa

Legislative District 5 - Legislator Kara Hahn

Legislative District 6 - Legislator Sarah S. Anker

Legislative District 7 - Legislator Dominick S. Thorne

Legislative District 8 - Legislator Anthony A. Piccirillo

Legislative District 9 - Legislator Samuel Gonzalez

Legislative District 10 - Legislator Trish Bergin

Legislative District 11 - Legislator Steven J. Flotteron

Legislative District 12 - Legislator Leslie Kennedy

Legislative District 13 - Legislator Robert Trotta

Legislative District 14 - Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey

Legislative District 15 - Legislator Jason Richberg

Legislative District 16 - Legislator Manuel Esteban Sr.

Legislative District 17 - Legislator Tom Donnelly

Legislative District 18 - Legislator Stephanie Bontempi


Our entire staff works tirelessly to serve and protect our residents through innovative programs to reduce inmate recidivism, by promoting sound fiscal policies and by working cooperatively with law enforcement and community groups throughout the county to improve safety in our jails and our neighborhoods. The Suffolk County Sheriff`s Office also plays a significant role in patrolling our roadways; Sheriff's Deputies are out in force all year long throughout the county. Our innovative Mobile DWI Processing Unit helps us efficiently apprehend suspected drunk and impaired drivers, and has a deterrent effect on anyone contemplating driving while under the influence.

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General Inquiries

Direct Line: 631-852-2200

Departments and Agencies

Suffolk County Police Department

The mission of the Suffolk County Police Department is to provide and maintain a safe environment in which people can live and work. Every member of the Service acknowledges his or her obligation to provide professional services by rendering aid to those in need, providing an environment free from fear, bringing to justice those who violate the law, and protecting all persons and property in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

Click Below to Email:

Media Inquiries

General Information (Non Emergency)

Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA)

SCTPVA was created by legislation on April 1, 2013. SCTPVA adjudicates parking summonses, red light camera citations and moving violations in the five western towns of Suffolk County. It is our goal to provide an efficient and expeditious service for adjudication of the above violations.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Guidance as of 9/21/22

Trials are being conducted daily. If you have a trial date, you must appear at the Agency for trial.

If you have a Red Light Camera Violation hearing, they are conducted virtually and being held as scheduled.

If you have a Bus Camera Violation hearing, they are conducted virtually and being held as scheduled.

If your license is suspended for failing to answer a ticket or failure to appear in court or your license is about to be suspended, you may come to the Agency and address the suspension with a judge.

Virtual conferences for individuals and attorneys on moving violations are not taking place. You do not have to log in. You will receive a new conference date in the mail.

If you have a "Pre-trial" conferences, you do not have to appear in court. You will receive a new date in the mail.

If you have to pay a Red Light Camera or Bus Camera Violation fine, it can be paid online, by phone or through the mail. The information regarding payment is on the citation and respective websites.

No fine can be paid at the Agency. No court dates can be received at the Agency. Pleas of not guilty or guilty can not be taken at the Agency. A ticket cannot be answered at the Agency.

If you received a TPLEAS / MATTERHORN letter, you can answer your ticket on line and conference with the prosecutor on the system. No information may be obtained from the clerk at the Agency. No inquiries can be done at the Agency.

Answering moving violations or parking tickets, pleading guilty or not guilty to moving violations or parking tickets should be done by mail. All clerk inquiries can be done by mail.

Office of the Aging

The Suffolk County Office for the Aging is the designated Area Agency on Aging under the Older Americans Act. For over 40 years, Suffolk County Office for the Aging has administered federal, state and county programs for persons 60 years of age and older.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Phone #: 631-853-8200

Department of Civil Service

In Suffolk County, administration of the Civil Service Law is carried out under the direction of the Suffolk County Personnel Director. The Suffolk County Department of Human Resources, Personnel and Civil Service is responsible for overseeing personnel actions taken by some 241 employing jurisdictions including towns, school districts, villages, library districts, water districts, etc. Collectively, these jurisdictions employ some 40,000 individuals.

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General Inquiries

Employee Benefits

For a list of the exams, click here.

Department of Economic Development and Planning

The Department of Economic Development and Planning is privileged to open the doors of our county to you and to introduce you to a place that offers the best for business and the best for life. Rich in history, culture and recreational venues, blessed with outstanding resources for education and scientific research, and possessed of a dynamic economic environment and workforce, Suffolk is an ideal home for any family or business.

Click Below to Email:

Suffolk County Planning and Environment

General Inquiries such; Business Development, Real Estate, Downtown & Transit Oriented Development, etc; 631-853-4800

For the Suffolk County Down Payment Assistance Program, please fill out the following application. Please mail your completed application and required documents to:

Community Development Office
100 Veterans Memorial Highway, 2nd Floor
Hauppauge, NY 11788

You may also drop off your application in person at the above location.

Click here for the application.

Gabreski Airport


Community Outreach

Suffolk County Community Development and Housing


Suffolk County Real Estate and Acquisitions

Phone numbers

Planning Division/Aqua Culture/Farmland 631-853-5191

Water Quality 631-853-5705

Land Bank 631-853-4330

Veterans Affairs

Our Veterans Service Agency will regularly provide information on services from housing and career assistance, to academic opportunities, to help ensure you receive all benefits to which you are entitled. VSA staff do not currently have access to their county email or telephone systems. Please use the link below to communicate with VSA and a message will be given to your VSA or the VSO who will be assigned to contacting you. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unusual, but temporary situation.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Department of Social Services

The mission of the Department of Social Services is to provide financial assistance and support services to eligible Suffolk County residents in a cost effective and efficient manner, simultaneously protecting the vulnerable while encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries


DSS Burial Assistance applications are being accepted via phone. Please call 631-854-9856.

Update 9/21/2022

Suffolk County has partnered with New York State to process SNAP and Temporary Assistance benefit applications. The state has provided the necessary hardware to allow the Department of Social Services to begin to process new applications in a safe and secure way. While applicants may experience a slight delay, the department's goal is to process all new applications within the prescribed 30 day time frame. SNAP cases will be processed in date order.

There has been no impact to individuals who have already been previously approved to receive benefits.

Real Property Tax Service Agency

Most of the services provided by the Agency are at its Riverhead location where there is an owner index and tax map information with a pleasant staff to assist you on your quest. The Tax Map Division has the responsibility and is the sole authority responsible for creating and maintaining the tax maps of Suffolk County. Verification is a procedure that helps to maintain the most current information on each tax map parcel and is required by law prior to recording of many documents.

Public Tax Map Information


From the white sand on the south shore to the bluffs to our north there's always something to do in our parks. Beaches, boat launches, hiking trails, campsites, and golf courses all await you! Take a look at our activities and amenities to see what is available in our county park locations.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Vendor Information

Seasonal/Full Time Employees

Vendor and Municipalities

Phone #: 631-854-4949

Department of Labor, Licensing, and Consumer Affairs

The Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs promotes the health, safety and economic well-being of both the business community and public alike. Quality job training, job development, placement and supportive services are provided for the unemployed, underemployed and public assistance population of Suffolk County.

Click Below to Email:

Employment/Job Related Inquiries

Licensing/Consumer Affairs (weights and measures)

Community Org/Community Based hiring

Grants/finance/personnel (NYS contact)

Suffolk County Planning, Licensing, Preservation and Development Citizen Portal

Due to technical issues we are unable to take online payments until further notice.

Consumer Affairs: Please mail your new applications or renewals to P.O. BOX 6100, Hauppauge, NY 11788-0099 or please stop by our lobby at Building 17, 725 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Smithtown, NY 11788 , which is open 8:30am - 4pm Monday-Friday.

Environmental Quality: If you would like to complete your application, and convert your TMP reference number to a DHS application number, please mail a check or drop a check off to the appropriate office during business hours (9am-4pm).

Medical Examiner

The Suffolk County Office of the Medical Examiner is a multi-agency accredited forensic science resource. Using both national and internationally approved standards of science, we strive to improve the public health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Fire Rescue & Emergency Services

The Suffolk County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (FRES) is committed to serving both the 1.5 million residents of Suffolk County and the over 10,000 emergency responders who are dedicated to saving lives and protecting property.

Click Below to Email:

All Emergency Management Related Matters

All Administrative Matters

All Fire Marshal Related Matters

All Communication Related Matters

Click here for the SERVES Program Guidance.

Click here for the Fire Extinguisher License Board (FELB) applications.

In addition, the FRES non-emergency resource request process remains active. Requests must be submitted through the following link: https://surveymonkey.com/r/fres2022REQ.

Health Services

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services promotes wellness and protects the public's health and environment.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Restaurant inspections, General Sanitation, and Nuisances

Wastewater Related Inquiries

Children's Single Point of Access

Adult Single Point of Access

Septic Improvement Grant Program

Guidance to Schools and Daycares

Health Services Commissioner's Office: 631-854-0107

Services for Children with Special Needs: 631-853-3130

Division of Public Health/Division of Patient Care/Division of Public Health Nursing/Office of Minority Health: 631-854-0360

WIC Program:

WIC Administration: 631-553-3897

Amityville WIC: 631-553-1796

Brentwood WIC: 631-553-9567 or 631-553-9382

Coram WIC: 631-553-9745

Greenlawn WIC: 631-553-2818

Patchogue WIC: 631-553-2634

Riverhead WIC: 631-553-4613

Shirley WIC: 631-553-9982

Wyandanch WIC: 631-553-1648

Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services: (631) 853-8532

Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS): 631-852-5080

Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ):

Septic Haulers Information Portal (SHIP): 631-852-5536

Office of Water Resources: 631-852-5810

Office of Pollution Control: 631-854-2501

Beach Hotline: 631-852-5822

Bureau of Public Health Protection (PHP): 631-852-4824

Office of Health Education/Tobacco Enforcement: 631-853-3147

Office for People with Disabilities (OPWD)

The primary mission of the Suffolk County Office of People with Disabilities is to work for the benefit of Suffolk County's 283,000 people with disabilities. Office responsibilities include: coordinating County services for people with disabilities; developing programs that assist people with disabilities in becoming more self-sufficient; advocating for changes to resolve issues facing the disabled; provide information and referrals for County residents with disabilities; and provide specialized services not available through other County departments. In addition, the Office ensures County government compliance with federal mandates under the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Rehabilitation Act.

General Inquiries


Minority Affairs

The mission of Minority Affairs is to address the needs of African-American Advisory Board, Hispanic Advisory Board, Asian-American Advisory Board, Muslim-American Advisory Board, Jewish Advisory Board, and other minority residents of Suffolk County. We have established a quarterly roundtable meeting of the advisory chairpersons who collectively develop an annual report of findings and recommendations which could impact policy and government regulations. This report will be presented to the County Executive. The Boards will collaborate on an Economic Development project to help stimulate growth in our economy.

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General Inquiries

Women's Services

The Office of Women’s Services is a county agency that serves women in all walks of life, at all times and passages in their lives. This is done through a number of services most are free and all are available to everyone.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Youth Bureau

The mission of the Suffolk County Youth Bureau is to successfully meet the needs of Suffolk County Youth, under the age of 21, by ensuring effective countywide planning, thoughtful development, and efficiency in the management of resources necessary to sustain the County’s youth service system.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Employee Medical Health Plan of Suffolk County

The County created the Employee Medical Health Plan of Suffolk County (EMHP) in 1991, through collective bargaining with its then nine (9) municipal labor unions (there are currently ten (10) municipal labor unions), by legislative resolution, with an effective starting date of January 1, 1992. County employees have the option of being covered by the EMHP or one of the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) offered.

The EMHP currently covers active employees, retirees, dependent survivors, employees on leave of absence, self-paying faculty, terminated vested, union benefit fund employees and COBRA participants.

General Inquiries

Direct Line: 631-853-4866

BCBS: https://empireblue.com/emhp

ExpressScripts: https://Express-scripts.com/login

Beacon Health: https://www.achievesolutions.net/Suffolk

Public Works

The Department of Public Works constructs, maintains and operates county properties and designs, constructs and maintains county roads, sewerage systems, buildings and other facilities, such as waterways, bridges, docks and marinas. In addition, the department is responsible for the operation of the Suffolk County Transit System as well as controlling mosquitoes that transmit disease and impact the enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Highway Maintenance

Vector Control

Sewer Billing

Board of Elections

The Suffolk County Board of Elections was established in 1935 as a bipartisan agency responsible for all aspects of the electoral process, from voter registration to election results. In 1976, with the adoption of New York State Election Law, Suffolk's Board became part of the New York State Board of Elections, with expanded regulatory duties.

Click Below to Email:

General Inquiries

Phone #: 631-852-4500

Suffolk County Board of Ethics

Suffolk County Board of Ethics is charged with the oversight of conflicts of interest in County government. The Board administers and enforces the County code of ethics through advice, investigating complaints and issuing violations.

Phone #: 631-854-0022

Soil & Water Conservation District

The diverse scope of expertise and knowledge of the District has rendered the department an asset to the County’s goal to protect and preserve natural resources. The District’s dedication has been established by increased assistance provided to the agricultural community, private landowners and municipalities and by the many partnerships we established with various local, county, state and federal governmental agencies.

General Inquiries

Suffolk County Government

H. Lee Dennison Bldg

100 Veterans Memorial Hwy
P.O. Box 6100
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Riverhead County Center

County Road 51
Riverhead, NY 11901