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Covid-19 Case Update February 12, 2021 5pm

Suffolk County reported the following information related to COVID-19 on February 12, 2021. Last updated February 11, 2020.
COVID-19 Vaccine Information  As of February 12 at 11 a.m., on Long Island
•        257,085  COVID-19 vaccine doses have been received
•        233,998 doses have been administered, 91%
COVID-19 Viral Testing: On February 11: 
•        17,462  COVID-19 tests were administered
•        2,679,776  total tests have been administered since March
•        810  new cases were reported
•        152,603 total cases have been reported since March
•        5.7% of those tested since March have been confirmed positive for COVID-19
•        4.6% tested positive in Suffolk County yesterday; 5.1% positive on a 7-day average
•        4.5% tested positive on Long Island yesterday; 5.1% positive on a 7-day average
COVID-19 CASE TRACKER Map, Suffolk County
Antibody Testing, Suffolk County
•    37,611 individuals not previously tested for COVID-19 have tested positive for antibodies
•    333,550 total were tested for antibodies
Fatalities, Suffolk County
•    13 fatalities
•    2,936 total fatalities
Hospitalization, Suffolk County, data from February 11, 2021
•    592 individuals were hospitalized, a decrease of 24 in 24 hours
•    47 were new admissions
•    124  patients were in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an increase of 1 in 24 hours
•    96 patients were in the ICU and intubated
•    59  were discharged since the last report
•    11,050 discharged since March 22
Hospital Capacity, Suffolk County
•    3,235 hospital beds, 673 available, 21%
•    441 ICU beds, 88 available, 20`%
Daily Hospitalizations Summary – Long Island
COVID Micro-Clusters - New rules and restrictions directly target areas with the highest transmission of COVID-19 cases & surrounding communities
New York State Contact Tracing information
New York State Early Warning Monitoring System Dashboard – Long Island
New York State COVID-19 School Reporting
Complaints about Noncompliance with Covid-19 Guidelines
•    Report Unsafe Business Practices here.
•    To report an in-progress noncompliant event that requires immediate response by law enforcement, call 631-852-COPS.
New York Forward Reopening Guide
•    Phase 1 – Construction: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting; Retail Trade; Manufacturing; Wholesale Trade; Higher Education, Research
•    Phase 2 – Offices; Real Estate; Essential & Phase II In-Store Retail; Vehicle Sales, Leases & Rentals; Retail Rental, Repair & Cleaning; Commercial Building Management: Hair Salons and Barbershops; Outdoor & Take-Out/Delivery Food Services
•    Phase 3 – Food Services; Personal Care
•    Phase 4–Higher Education; Pre-K to Grade 12 Schools; Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment; Low Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment; Media Production; Professional Sports Competitions with No Fans; Malls; Gyms and Fitness Centers; Gaming Facilities; Movie Theatres; Ski Facilities
COVID-19 Guidance
Includes information on Isolation and Quarantine, FAQs Regarding School Reopening, Tips for Celebrations, and Guidance for Employers
COVID-19 Resources and Services in Suffolk County
Includes information on viral and antibody testing, telemedicine, blood plasma donations, mental health resources, low income resources, support and relief programs, resources for families with children, and more.

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