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Public Health Sections

Adult Immunizations

Adult Immunization recommendations and the importance of prevention and spread of communicable disease.

Arthropod-borne Disease Program

The Arthropod-borne Disease Program tests for arthropod-borne diseases in order to obtain a more accurate picture of the true incidence and distribution in the County. The program augments public education efforts to encourage tick-borne disease identification and reporting.

Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control

The Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control plays a central role in the Health Department’s mission to prevent the occurrence and spread of communicable disease.

Central Pharmacy

The Central Pharmacy, under the administrative guidance of the Public Health Department, furnishes policies and procedures for medications and biologicals and devices in all Suffolk County health centers, satellite clinics and programs such as Employee Health and Mental Health.

Bureau of Public Health Preparedness

The Bureau of Public Health Preparedness is responsible for developing plans for the public health response to man-made and natural health emergencies. Examples of such health emergencies include bioterrorist events and pandemic influenza.

Bureau of Preventive Services

The Bureau of Preventive Services program’s mission is to rapidly identify and isolate a rabid animal and prevent further transmission to humans or other animals in addition to prevent the spread of arthropod-borne diseases including viral encephalitis, malaria, and tick-borne diseases including, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Tularemia.

Bureau of Public Health Protection

The Bureau of Public Health Protection protects the public from adulterated food, unhealthy living conditions and health nuisances. The department is also responsible for enforcing the Suffolk County Sanitary Code and the Local Laws of Suffolk County.

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