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Suffolk County Park Policy on Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in County Parks

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Permit – an unmanned, powered aircraft that does not carry a human operator and can be autonomous or remotely piloted or operated (includes drones and model airplanes).

Patrons wishing to fly UAV’s in or over Suffolk County Parks must submit an Application for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Permit to the Suffolk County Parks Operations Office in West Sayville.

Suffolk County UAV Flying Locations (UAV permit required):

  1. Blydenburgh County Park – Smithtown
  2. Cathedral Pines County Park – Middle Island
  3. Cedar Point County Park – East Hampton
  4. Coram Air Field – Coram
  5. Cupsogue Beach County Park – Westhampton*
  6. Gardiner County Park – West Bay Shore
  7. Indian Island County Park – Riverhead
  8. Lakeland County Park – Islandia
  9. Lake Ronkonkoma County Park – Lake Ronkonkoma
  10. Meschutt Beach County Park – Hampton Bays*
  11. Montauk County Park – Montauk
  12. Sears Bellows County Park – Hampton Bays
  13. Shinnecock East County Park – Southampton
  14. Smith Point County Park – Shirley*
  15. Southaven County Park – Brookhaven
  16. West Hills County Park – Huntington
  17. Nature Preserves, Passive Parkland and Historic Sites*

*Location considered on a case by case basis.

Rules & Regulations

  • UAV’s cannot be flown over population areas such as campgrounds, playgrounds, hiking, and horseback riding trails, stables, golf courses, dog runs, sporting fields (when in use), or other areas as determined by the Parks Department.
  • Due to high patron density, UAV’s cannot be flown over County beaches between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • UAV’s cannot disturb the public enjoyment of park activities for other visitors, and cannot disrupt any lifeguard, park ranger, or park employee from performing their job duties.
  • The Department shall have the power to suspend or revoke such permit or to deny any application for such permit or for renewal of such permit based upon finding of a violation after a hearing held in accordance with Local Law No. 29, 2015.
  • If you are filming in Suffolk County Parks and are going to sell the footage or profit from the footage, you will need to obtain a permit from the Suffolk County Film Commission.
  • All dates and locations for use of UAV’s must be approved prior to flying. Individual will responsible for contacting the Park prior to arrival to notify staff of UAV usage.

FAA Registration Requirement

All UAV’s flown in Suffolk County Parks must be registered with the FAA. FAA Registration No. is required for Suffolk County UAV Permits. Click here to visit the FAA webpage for registering your UAV. All aircraft must be marked with your FAA registration number prior to operation and permitting.

Permit Fees

Resident with Green Key Card:

Annual Use Permit: $35

Non-Resident/Non-Green Key Card:

Annual Use Permit: $55

All Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Permits must be submitted in-person at Suffolk County Parks Operations Office located in West Sayville. Payment is due at time of application.

Permit holder agrees to above Rules & Regulations.

Updated 7/29/21

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