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The Suffolk County Department of Parks will be offering deer hunting access to Suffolk County residents during the 2023-2024 NYSDEC Long Island Archery Hunting Season. The Department of Parks has additional requirements beyond current NYSDEC law. Review the 2023-2024 Archery Hunting information packet for additional details.

Suffolk County does not have a crossbow season, however reasonable accommodation may be requested through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Individuals with the reasonable accommodation authorization are required to carry the authorization with them while in the field.

A reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may be requested by individuals with disabilities whose needs are not met by the Modified Longbow authorization or Modified Crossbow Special Permit. Certification of disability by a licensed physician is required for a reasonable accommodation for unmodified crossbow use to be granted. Your physician must certify that: "The individual is incapable of holding a bow or operating a mechanical device attached to a legal longbow for drawing, holding, and releasing a bowstring due to a physical disability." See Instructions to Request a Reasonable Accommodation for an Unmodified Crossbow.

2023-2024 Archery Hunting Areas Map

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