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The story retold is that decades ago, the late Dennis Puleston, one of Long Island's most respected naturalists, craned his neck to see the blazing orange throat of a Blackburnian warbler flying into this park on a southerly wind and gave the park its name. He called it Warbler Woods. A park known for its solitude and interesting sights, it is definitely a park for those looking to be immersed in nature. In 2006 the County incorporated the 700 acre Dennis Puleston Warbler Woods Nature Preserve into the Suffolk County Park system. It is located south of Cathedral Pines County Park, east of County Road 21 and south of Longwood Road. In season, this is one of the County's hunting by permit only. The small parking area is located on the east side of Yaphank Middle Island Road, north of Shannon Boulevard and south of the Middle Island Country Club.

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