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Originally called Crab Meadow Park East Watershed, the Makamah Nature Preserve was acquired by Suffolk County in 1973. It contains dry and wet woodlands, as well as marsh. It has been reported that 94 species of birds have been recorded in and around the property and that the park is prime habitat for owls and woodpeckers. The park contains heavily wooded hills with one rising to 60 feet in its center and others rising to 100 feet. The easterly portion of the park is a valley that drains the surrounding area. This valley includes a main stream that was once dammed to form two ponds and several feeder streams, some spring-fed. The property was once owned jointly with what is now the Town Crab Meadow Golf Course, just to the west of the preserve. An additional tract of land on NYS Route 25A was dedicated, resulting in the trailhead parking area. An additional trail access is on Makamah Road, south of Breeze Hill Road. The preserve is available for hiking, bird watching, dog walking (on leash). Terrain: Hilly | Length: 2.6 mi

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