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Services For The Disabled:

All Suffolk County residents who have a valid Green Key card with handicapped status are entitled to a free weekday admission to most county parks and reduced fees for some activities. To obtain this Green Key card, you must go to any of the county golf courses, campgrounds, major parks or the Parks Administration Office in West Sayville. You will need to show proof of Suffolk County residency as well as a NY State Access Pass or the Suffolk County Identification Card issued by the Suffolk County Office of Handicapped Services. The fee for this Green Key card is $15.00 and is valid for three years.

The Suffolk County Parks Department is committed to improving the accessibility at all county parks. Below is a list of accessible parks.

Not all FACILITIES listed at each park are accessible. Please check with park personnel.

1. West Hills County Park - Huntington (631) 854-4423
Facilities include: Youth and group camping areas, picnicking (temporarily closed), nature trails and restrooms.

2. Gardiner County Park - Bay Shore (631) 854-4949 or (631) 854-0935 (seasonal)
Facilities include: Nature trails and restrooms.

3. Blydenburgh County Park - Smithtown (631) 854-3713
Facilities include: camping, youth and group areas, fishing, picnicking, boating, nature trails and restrooms.

4. Lakeland County Park - Islandia (631) 853-2727 (Seasonal) or (631) 854-4949
Facilities include: playground, a picnic area with gazebo, restrooms, basketball and shuffleboard courts, and nature trails (of which 3500 feet are boardwalks or a surfaced area).

5. Lake Ronkonkoma County Park - Lake Ronkonkoma (631) 854-9699
Facilities include: picnicking, handball, basketball, ball fields, restrooms.

6. Southaven County Park - Brookhaven (631) 854-1414
Facilities include: camping, youth and group areas, canoeing, fishing, duck hunting, horseback riding (own horse), picnicking, boating, Trap & Skeet, nature trails, restrooms.

7. Smith Point County Park - Shirley (631) 852-1313
Facilities include: camping, fishing, picnicking, outer beach area, restrooms, swimming, (SURF CHAIR AVAILABLE), and duck hunting.

8. Indian Island County Park - Riverhead (631) 852-3232
Facilities include: camping, youth and group areas, fishing, picnicking, restrooms.

9. Sears Bellows County Park - Hampton Bays (631) 852-8290
Facilities include: camping, fishing, picnicking, horseback riding (own horse), boating, swimming, nature trails, restrooms.

10. Cedar Point County Park - East Hampton (631) 852-7620
Facilities include: camping, boating, youth and group areas, fishing, restrooms, outer beach area.

11. Meschutt Beach County Park - Hampton Bays (631) 852-8205
Facilities include: Lifeguard supervised swimming, (SURF CHAIR AVAILABLE), playground, picnicking, camping, restrooms, food concession.

12. Pine Barrens Trails Information Center - Manorville (631) 369-9768. Facilities include: El's Trail, a 3/4 mile handicapped accessible nature trail (TRAILCHAIR AVAILABLE.)

Golf Courses
West Sayville, Mountauk Highway, West Sayville
(631) 567-1704
Timber Point, Great River Road, Great River
(631) 581-2401
Indian Island, County Road 105, Riverhead
(631) 727-7776
Bergen Point, Bergen Avenue, West Babylon
(631) 661-8282

Communication Boards

Suffolk County Parks is happy to provide communication boards at many of our community parks. This is an ongoing project and will expand through the 2022 year. For more information on our Communication Boards please see our dedicated page: www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Parks/Communication-Boards

Language Access Plan

Click here for the Suffolk County Parks Language Access Plan.

Hunting Accommodations

Accessible Waterfowl Hunting and Wildlife Observation Blinds

Suffolk County Parks, with the support of The South Shore Waterfowlers Association, NYS DEC, and Riverhead Building Supply, are happy to provide waterfowl hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities for individuals of all abilities. These accessible hunting and year-round wildlife observation/appreciation blinds are located in four of our parks:

  • Southaven County Park, Blind 9
  • Hubbard County Park, Penney Pond
  • Montauk County Park, Big Reed
  • Cedar Point County Park

Reasonable Accommodation to Use an Unmodified Crossbow During the Regular Bow Season

Suffolk County does not have a crossbow season, however reasonable accommodation may be requested through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Individuals with the reasonable accommodation authorization are required to carry the authorization with them while in the field.

A reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may be requested by individuals with disabilities whose needs are not met by the Modified Longbow authorization or Modified Crossbow Special Permit. Certification of disability by a licensed physician is required for a reasonable accommodation for unmodified crossbow use to be granted. Your physician must certify that: "The individual is incapable of holding a bow or operating a mechanical device attached to a legal longbow for drawing, holding, and releasing a bowstring due to a physical disability." See Instructions to Request a Reasonable Accommodation for an Unmodified Crossbow.

For further information call:

Parks General Information: (631) 854-4949
Suffolk County Office of Handicapped Services
(631) 853-8333 (VOICE)
(631) 853-5658 (TTY)

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