Camping is often defined as temporarily living outdoors, but to the millions of people that love it, camping amounts to much more. It is a way to reconnect with nature, escape the grind, and spend quality time with family and friends . It is a pastime enjoyed by all types of people from the classic tent camper, to those not quite willing to give up all the comforts of home. In our Suffolk County campgrounds, campers enjoy destinations with world-class beauty - from scenic woodland vistas to Ocean front campsites. Combine that with a variety of recreational opportunities available at our campgrounds, and you're set for a rewarding experience.

Important Campground Dates:

In Season: April 1 - November 11
Off Season: November 12 - March 31

  • Water is turned off during Off Season.
  • All camping units must be self-contained during off season.
  • Off Season designated campgrounds are Cathedral Pines and Indian Island. All other campgrounds are closed during Off Season.

NOTE: Smith Point campground closes after Halloween Weekend for Girl Scout Light Show preparations. Closure date may vary.