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Influenza Activity Update 12-01-23

As reported by NYSDOH on 12-1-23 Influenza Activity, Surveillance and Reports

For the week ending 11-24-2023:

Influenza cases: 252, an increase of 31% from the prior week

Influenza A viruses are the only influenza viruses known to cause flu pandemics (i.e., global epidemics of flu disease). A pandemic can occur when a new and different influenza A virus emerges that infects people, has the ability to spread efficiently among people, and against which people have little or no immunity. (CDC)
Influenza B viruses cause a respiratory illness that infects the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. Flu B is contagious and easily passed from person to person. (CDC)

Unspecified: 33

Cases per 100k population: 17.9 (Population =1,474,273)

Hospitalizations: 21, up 75% from 12 the week prior


2021-2022: 130
2022-2023: 1588
2023-2024: 186

2021-2022: 5
2023-2023: 87
2023-2024: 21

The best way to prevent flu A and flu B is by getting your annual flu vaccine. The flu vaccine protects against the most common flu strains.

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