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Suffolk County Board of Elections

Anita S. Katz, Democratic Commissioner
Betty Manzella, Republican Commissioner
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Pursuant to Executive Order No. 202.17, you are required to wear a mask/face covering and maintain 6 feet of distance when entering any Board of Elections facility or voting poll site.

2020 General Candidate List

President and Vice President - Elect 1

Joseph R Biden/Kamala D Harris Democratic, Working Families

Donald J Trump/Michael R Pence Republican, Conservative

Howie Hawkins/Angela Nicole Walker Green

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen  Libertarian

Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard Independence

Justice of the Supreme Court, 10th Judicial District - Elect 8

Valerie M Cartright Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Randy Sue Marber Democratic, Republican, Conservative

Derrick J Robinson Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Erica L Prager Democratic, Republican, Conservative

Kathy G Bergmann Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Joseph R Conway Democratic, Republican, Conservative

Timothy P Mazzei Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Gary F Knobel Democratic, Republican, Conservative

Bryan L Browns Independence

Patricia M Blake Independence

Randy Berler Independence

Evan Tanenbaum Independence

County Court Judge - Elect 2

Stephen L Braslow Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

James C Hudson Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Family Court Judge - Elect 2

Caren L Loguercio Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

James W Malone Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Representative in Congress, 1st Congressional District - Elect 1

Nancy S Goroff Democratic, Working Families

Lee M Zeldin Republican, Conservative, Independence

Representative in Congress, 2nd Congressional District - Elect 1

Jackie Gordon Democratic Working Families, Independence

Andrew R Garbarino Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, SAM

Harry R Burger Green

Representative in Congress, 3rd Congressional District - Elect 1

Thomas R Suozzi Democratic, Working Families, Independence

George A.D Santos Republican, Conservative

Howard Rabin Libertarian

State Senator, 1st Senatorial District - Elect 1

Laura A Ahearn Democratic, Protect the Taxpayer

Anthony H Palumbo Republican, Conservative

State Senator, 2nd Senatorial District - Elect 1

Mike Siderakis Democratic

Mario R Mattera Republican, Conservative, Independence, Safe Neighborhoods

State Senator, 3rd Senatorial District - Elect 1

Monica R Martinez Democratic, Independence

Alexis Weik Republican, Conservative

State Senator, 4th Senatorial District - Elect 1

Christine Pellegrino Democratic, Working Families

Philip M Boyle Republican, Conservative, Independence

State Senator, 5th Senatorial District - Elect 1

James F Gaughran Democratic, SAM

Edmund J Smyth Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Independence

Barbara S Wagner  Green

State Senator, 8th Senatorial District - Elect 1

John E Brooks Democratic, Working Families, Independence

Member of Assembly, 1st Assembly District - Elect 1

Fred W Thiele Jr  Democratic, Independence

Heather C Collins Republican, Conservative

Member of Assembly, 2nd Assembly District - Elect 1

Laura M Jens-Smith Democratic, Working Families

Jodi A Giglio Republican, Conservative, Independence

William C Van Helmond  Libertarian

Member of Assembly, 3rd Assembly District - Elect 1

Steven Polgar Democratic,

Joseph P De Stefano Republican, Conservative, Independence

Adam Martin  Libertarian

Member of Assembly, 4th Assembly District - Elect 1

Steven Englebright Democratic, Working Families, Independence

Michael S Ross Republican; Conservative

Adam Fischer-Gledhill  Libertarian

Member of Assembly, 5th Assembly District - Elect 1

Fred Ianacci  Democratic,

Douglas M Smith Republican, Conservative, Independence

Member of Assembly, 6th Assembly District - Elect 1

Philip R Ramos  Democratic, Conservative, Independence

Ryan S Skelly Republican, Conservative

Member of Assembly, 7th Assembly District - Elect 1

Francis T Genco  Democratic,

Jarett C Gandolfo  RepublicanConservative, Independence

Member of Assembly, 8th Assembly District - Elect 1

Dylan G Rice  Democratic,

Michael J Fitzpatrick  Republican, Conservative, Independence, Safe Neighborhoods

Member of Assembly, 9th Assembly District - Elect 1

Ann M Brancato  Democratic, Working Families

Michael A Durso  Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Independence

Member of Assembly, 10th Assembly District - Elect 1

Steve Stern  Democratic, Working Families

Jamie R Silvestri  Republican, Conservative

Member of Assembly, 11th Assembly District - Elect 1

Kimberly Jean-Pierre  Democratic, Independence

Eugene M Murray  Republican, Conservative

Member of Assembly, 12th Assembly District - Elect 1

Michael A Marcantonio  Democratic, Working Families

Keith Brown  Republican, Conservative, Independence

County Legislator, 4th Legislative District - Elect 1

Joseph A Turdik  Democratic,

Nicholas J Caracappa  Republican, Conservative, Independence

Councilman, Town of Babylon - Elect 1

Du Wayne Gregory  Democratic, Conservative, Independence

Kevin V Sabella Sr  Republican,

District Court Judge, 3rd District, Town of Huntington - Elect 3

Patricia T Grant-Flynn  Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Steve Hackeling  Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

James F Matthews Jr  Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence

District Court Judge, 5th District, Town of Islip - Elect 3

Alonzo G Jacobs  Democratic,

Pierce F Cohalan  Republican, Conservative, Independence,

Jennifer A Henry  Republican, Conservative, Independence

Town Justice, Town of Riverhead - Elect 1

Joseph C DiBenedetto  Democratic,

Sean M Walter  Republican, Conservative, Independence

Town Justice, Town of Shelter Island - Elect 1

Stanley I Birnbaum  Democratic,

Helen J Rosenblum  Republican,

Town Justice, Town of Southampton - Elect 1

Karen M Sartain  Democratic,

Patrick J Gunn  Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence

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