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Pursuant to Executive Order No. 202.17, you are required to wear a mask/face covering and maintain 6 feet of distance when entering any Board of Elections facility or voting poll site.

2020 Primary - Presidential Primary Candidate List

President of The United States (Democratic) - Elect 1

Pete Buttigieg Democratic

Amy Klobuchar Democratic

Joseph R Biden Democratic

Tulsi Gabbard Democratic

Bernie Sanders Democratic

Michael R Bloomberg Democratic

Tom Steyer Democratic

Elizabeth Warren Democratic

Andrew Yang Democratic

Deval Patrick Democratic

Democratic Delegates to National Convention, 1st Congressional District (Democratic) - Elect 6

Edward Lopez (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Ashley Hunt-Martorano (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Joshua Slaughter (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Jennifer Coffey (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Salvatore Aprile (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Melissa M Latrobe-Bateman (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Judith H Hope (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Timothy H Bishop (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Robin L Long (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Anthony R Portesy (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Jeanne C O'Rourke (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

David Kilmnick (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Sandra Garay-Avila (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Kathryn Levy (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Gwynn Schroeder (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

William Conron (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Brendon Henry (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Brian A Schneck (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Mindy Oppenheim (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Peter Strugatz (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Elizabeth Malafi (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Dante E Morelli (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Lillian Dudkiewicz-Clayman (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Mark D West (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Kimberly M Frost (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

William B Ferraro III (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Kristen Medeiros (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

James Champlin (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Brenda Anderson (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

John Wong (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Francesca King (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

William J Arloff (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Democratic Delegates to National Convention, 2nd Congressional District (Democratic) - Elect 6

Shirley A Rios (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Gregory L Noone (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Christina G Puccio (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Thomas J Schrank (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Nora Richards (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Jonathan M Sclar (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Du Wayne Gregory (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Monica R Martinez (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Kevin M Thomas (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Jacqueline A Gordon (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Antonio A Martinez (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Carrie Ann Cicillini (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Megan Gilroy (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Christine Keihm (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Mariana Pineda (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Mario Ferone (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Joseph Tronolone (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Scott Tyrrel (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Grechen Shirley Liuba (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Matthew Pasternak (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Jacquelene A Duodu Burbridge (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Latrice C Curry (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Thomas E Murray III (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Sharon Perciballi (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Andrew Zayas (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Christopher Pascale (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Jamie L Grasso (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Kristijan Barnjak (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Democratic Delegates to National Convention, 3rd Congressional District (Democratic) - Elect 7

Doretta Katzter Goldberg (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Matthew R Witten (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Danna J Rossi (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Marc A Stein (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Alina Rossi (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Tyler J Raciti (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Madeline Rubenstein (Pledged to PETE BUTTIGIEG)

Judi R Bosworth (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

James P Scheuerman (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Tracey A Edwards (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Steven J Israel (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Nancy M Ventimiglia (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Anthony Simon (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

De Lia M De Riggi Whitton (Pledged to JOSEPH R BIDEN)

Hillary L Hess (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Alexandra Majluf Villanueava (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Simran Nanda (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Linda Rosen (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Michael Como (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Henry Levine (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Joshua Sauberman (Pledged to BERNIE SANDERS)

Barbara Tavora Jainchill (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Hassan Miah (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Judith Lipner (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Bernard Blanchard (Pledged to TOM STEYER)

Lawrence H Silverman (Pledged to MICHAEL BENNET)

Saima Anjam (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Donald D Nobles (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Charlotte M Martin (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Justin Paul Roach (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Kathleen Bradbury Cleary (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Navindra Ramnarain (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Dina Rosenberg (Pledged to ELIZABETH WARREN)

Elizabeth H Kim (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Jia Xing Hou (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Megan Rha (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Joesph Falquecee (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Jing Xing Hou (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Ignatius Chiang (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

Yang Liu (Pledged to ANDREW YANG)

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