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About the CJCC

The Suffolk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is a system-wide intergovernmental council that was established in 1974. Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr., currently serves as the Executive Director and District Attorney Timothy D. Sini, serves as the Chairman.

The primary purpose of the CJCC is to enhance the safety of the public by providing the key stakeholders in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems with the information necessary for directing resources, policies and programming toward the most effective means for reducing the incidence of crime.

To accomplish this, the CJCC assists agencies and local government to gain a better understanding of the rationale behind targeting resources to those offenders rated (on a validated assessment instrument) as high-risk for re-offending and the importance of addressing the risk/need factors most closely correlated to that rating.

The CJCC directs and manages the acquisition and allocation of criminal justice related resources to better address the needs of local criminal justice agencies and local government.

The CJCC also ensures that effective criminal justice policies and programs are well coordinated, developed, implemented, evaluated and delivered by specially trained personnel.

In addition, the CJCC serves as the local ‘Alternative To Incarceration’ (ATI) Advisory Board and as the administrative body for the Suffolk County Reentry Task Force both of which are funded through the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.


  • To improve criminal justice policy and program decision-making by providing agencies and government with a better understanding of crime and criminal justice problems
  • To foster cooperation among agencies and local government
  • To improve the allocation of resources
  • To provide comprehensive system-wide planning toward understanding crime and criminal justice problems within the county.


  • To stimulate and direct the allocation of funding, technological advances, and other innovations for preventing crime
  • To increase the efficiency of the law enforcement and criminal justice systems through improved productivity, training, organization, and equipment
  • To encourage coordination in planning by law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in Suffolk County, all for the basic purpose of reducing the incidence of crime
  • To provide a continuing systems overview resulting in improved coordination and cooperation among local criminal justice agencies.

Suffolk County Government

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Riverhead County Center

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