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What is Reentry and How We Can Help You:

Reentry is the successful reintegration of individuals into the community following their release from incarceration. Studies have shown that criminal behavior is more inclined to pro-social change when offenders are able to integrate and use the tools from cognitive restructuring and skills programs.

Reentry requires the commitment of the person returning from incarceration to work in cooperation with community partners from the criminal justice system, service providers, family members, and other important resource agencies. The goal is for the reentry participant to be situated in safe and appropriate housing while seeking treatment, educational resources, employment opportunities and other services that will ensure that he or she can live a productive, successful and law-abiding life.

You may be eligible for reentry services if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have been released from a New York State facility and are a COMPAS level 1,2, or 3.
  • You are a COMPAS level 4 but considered a Special Population under one of the following categories:
    • You are a person with mental illness
    • You have a severe physical disability
    • You are a female
    • You are a sex offender
    • You are a juvenile

The Suffolk County Task Force may be able to help you:

  • Find a job and/or a place to live.
  • Obtain identification such as a non-driver’s license or Social Security card.
  • Obtain Medicaid.
  • Receive assistance to change negative behavior.
  • Reconnect with family and community.
  • Find services to promote your growth and good behavior.

Reentry case management services may help you meet Parole conditions while accessing other needed services including:

  • Employment: You may receive help with writing resumes, developing interview skills, obtaining job counseling and finding a part-time or full-time job.
  • Housing: Assist with obtaining transitional, temporary or permanent housing.
  • Cognitive Behavior Interventions:
    • Thinking For A Change: A program designed to help change negative thinking and reduce your risk of committing a new crime.
    • OWDS: A skill based program designed to get and maintain quality employment.
    • Interactive Journaling: A program designed to help participants take charge of the choices that govern their actions.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: Task Forces may work with alcohol and substance abuse service providers who may be able to help you get needed treatment.
  • Education/Training: Task Forces may place you in GED programs, adult education, vocational training or college prep courses.

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