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Know Your Zone - Interactive Map How To Guide

Know your zone map image

To begin enter the first line of the address of your desired location. The address from the pulldown list should auto-populate. Alternatively, you can also use your cursor to drag the map to the desired location and click to display the location zone information.

Be aware: If your structure is on a slightly higher elevation then the surrounding properties, on the tool it will appear as being surrounded by a lower zone. In this case you should consider, for planning purposes the lower zone as your identified surge zone. If storm surge occurs, you do not want to be in a position where you are encircled by floodwaters and cannot evacuate to higher ground.

If you determine that your home lies within a designated storm surge zone you should make arrangements to stay with relatives or friends who live in an area that is less likely to flood, such as along the spine of Long Island near the Long Island Expressway. You should plan on going to a shelter only as a last resort.

We recommend that all Suffolk County residents purchase flood insurance. For those residents that live in a storm surge zone, it is particularly important to purchase flood insurance. Click here to learn more about flood insurance.

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