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Cancer Prevention Resources for School

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It’s never too early to learn about cancer prevention. This following list can help schools connect their students to age-appropriate cancer prevention programs, designed to teach children about health behaviors that they can engage in now to prevent cancer throughout their lives. These programs have been compiled by the Suffolk County Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Coalition. Information for schools wishing to schedule one of these programs is provided below.


Cancer Awareness and Prevention School Resource List


  • “Look Before You LEAP”: Educational packet designed to educate families about environmental health threats. Content of tool kit bags focus on Lead poisoning, Endocrine disruptors, Air pollution and Pesticides. Packets contain a coloring activity book, a game, fact sheets etc. Prepared the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center and Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition with funding from New York State Department of Health. Limited supplies are available- contact the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition for more information at No fee.

Elementary School

Middle School and High School:

  • CCMAC skin canceer awarness DVD: designed for Middle and High Schools with a special emphasis on concerns regarding tanning beds. Contact the Colette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Campaign at (516) 352-4227 or
  • "The Sun Show Video: Two separate videos have been produced by a dermatologist; one geared for ages 6 – 8 and the second geared toward 9 – 11 year olds. Videos engage the students who can laugh in amusement yet get the message with lots of positive questions. “Teaching” brochure accompanies the DVD. Videos can be ordered on the web at Cost is $40 for schools. (used by CCMAC)
  • True or False: What You Don't Know About Tobacco: An interactive forty minute classroom power-point presentation on tobacco geared for Grades 7 & 8. The power-point discusses that nicotine is a drug and poison. The program includes other harmful chemicals in tobacco products and the effect they have on the body. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact : Bonnie Anderson, Senior Health Educator, (631) 853-2903 or
  • Electronic Nicotine Delivery systems: a forty minute classroom presentation geared for grades 7 through 12 that explains how an e-cigarette works, the chemicals that are in an e-cigarette and the possible health problems that are associated with these products. This program also discusses the Suffolk County laws associated with e-cigarettes. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact : Bonnie Anderson, Senior Health Educator, (631) 853-2903 or
  • Myths, Lies, and Fairytales: This is a two day program designed for High School and College aged students. The presentation on the first day discusses the misconceptions about tobacco use, the dangers of newly emerging tobacco products, addiction and the effects of nicotine on the brain, as well the other chemicals in tobacco products and the bodies’ response to these chemicals. The impact of tobacco advertisements, and smoking in movies on smoking behavior of the public is also addressed. On the second day, students participate in an age-progression computer program design called “At Face Value”. This program shows the aging process of an individual engaging in high risk behaviors. The program shows the comparison in appearance as a smoker versus a non-smoker, with and without sun damage and the effects of obesity. As a follow-up SCDHS encourages schools to offer cessation programs for their students. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact : Bonnie Anderson, Senior Health Educator, (631) 853-2903 or
  • Tobacco Awareness Program – Community Intervention: TAP is a comprehensive tobacco cessation curriculum for grades 7-12 that addresses both smoking and spit tobacco. Over the course of 8 weeks the program provides information, opportunities for self - assessment, and challenging weekly assignments to help participants quit their use of tobacco. The curriculum gently guides tobacco users to their quit date and helps them remain tobacco-free, taking into account that participants begin, continue and decide to quit for a wide variety of reasons. Facilitators provide guidance and support as the participants design their individual approach to quitting. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact : Bonnie Anderson, Senior Health Educator, (631) 853-2903 or
  • Tobacco Education Group – Alternative to Suspension Program: TEG is a positive alternative to school suspension for those caught using tobacco on school property or at school-sponsored activities. This program consists of eight 45 to 50 minute sessions involving lectures, videos, demonstrations, discussions, problem-solving tactics, and cooperative learning strategies. TEG motivates adolescents to move to the preparation and action stages in the “Stages of Change” in quitting tobacco. Participants are encouraged to share information learned with their friends and family. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact : Bonnie Anderson, Senior Health Educator, at (631) 853-2903 or
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections/ HIV Transmission: This PowerPoint presentation for Suffolk County High Schools provides facts about STI/HIV transmission, behaviors that place people at risk, and testing, treatment and prevention resources. A basic overview of the most common infections and consequences if left untreated are also discussed. Presentation given by SCDHS and is free of charge. Contact Nancy Hemendinger at (631) 853-3162.
  • The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education: Free breast health programs that encourage students to become empowered with the knowledge to reduce their risk for breast cancer. Designed specifically for high school students, this forty-minute interactive PowerPoint program focuses on lifestyle changes to reduce risks for breast cancer. Students learn how nutrition, biology and lifestyle can contribute to the development of breast cancer. We offer instruction in the most advanced and effective form of breast self-examination. Our extremely lifelike silicone breast models provide a tactile learning experience, building essential skills in detecting tumors in their earliest stages. No fee. Contact Eileen Pillitteri, Program Manager at (631) 524-5151

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