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Tai Chi For Arthritis

Suffolk County Department of Health is pleased to collaborate with Stony Brook Medicine in presenting virtual Tai Chi classes through Zoom. Tai Chi is an ancient art form that has its roots in martial arts. People enjoy taking Tai Chi classes for the social aspects and soon discover the many additional health benefits. Our instructors have been certified to teach Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi For Arthritis programs.

Dr. Paul Lam practiced as a family physician for 40 years. Since 2013, he has devoted his energy to sharing his knowledge of Tai Chi with millions of people throughout the world. We enthusiastically enjoy bringing his evidence – based program into our classes.

Tai Chi For Arthritis is a program that promotes wellness and many health benefits ranging from developing musculoskeletal strength, joint stability, balanced footing, enhanced mind body connection, cultivating a relaxed mind, better postural alignment, and enhanced breathing skills. Tai Chi’s characteristically slow, smooth and controlled movements make this a low impact exercise suitable for people of all ages. Tai Chi for Arthritis

Many older adults find the Tai Chi classes improve their balance and muscular strength in a gentle way. These learned and practiced ways help individuals to build confidence in performing every day activities. For example, concepts of weight transfer and stepping, trains the participants to move mindfully as they step. Attention to moving in a slow controlled upright manner is one of the reasons why Tai Chi is very effective for fall prevention.

No previous knowledge of Tai Chi is necessary to participate. All classes are free and facilitated by certified Tai Chi trainers.

To sign up for the next workshop on Tai Chi for Health and Balance or to learn more about the program:

Contact: Linda Bohman, S.C. Office of Health Education Public Health Educator: or call 631-853-3187

Contact: Kristi L. Ladowski, MPH, StonyBrook University Hospital Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator at:

To learn more about Dr. Paul Lam and the Tai Chi For Health Institute:

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