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Living Wage


The living wage shall be adjusted each year in proportion to the increase of the area Consumer Price Index. The covered employer shall provide written notification of the rate adjustments to each of its employees and to its subcontractors and/or tenants, who shall provide written notices to each of their employees and make the necessary payroll adjustments by January 1, 2024.

The increase in the area Consumer Price Index is 4.6%. This increases the living wage to $16.63 per hour with health benefits and $16.77 per hour without health benefits.

Employees and subcontractors should be informed of the increase and appropriate payroll adjustment should be made as of January 1, 2024.


The law establishes a policy whereby businesses and their subcontractors receiving compensation from the County and employing 10 or more people, are required to pay a living wage. For 2024, the living wage shall be calculated on an hourly basis and shall be no less than $16.63 per hour with health benefits or $16.77 without health benefits.

Every covered employee should receive 12 compensated days off annually. Employees working less than 20 hours per week do not receive compensated time off. These benefits are limited to those employees who actually perform work or render services under the contract between the county and the business. Compensation is defined as:

  • A service contract or subcontract for the provision of services valued at more than $10,000 (excludes purchase or lease of goods, equipment etc.)
  • Grants, loans, tax incentives, financing of subsidies, or other forms of compensation of more than $50,000.

This living wage is adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index.


Bases for granting exemptions are cited in §575-13. Included are:

  • Violation by this law of specific state or federal statutory or constitutional provisions;
  • Youth employment exemption for organizations employing youths under the age of 21 in a summer youth or school to work program;
  • Seasonal employees;
  • Highest Wage/Lowest Wage Ratio circumstance. Documentation must include proof that the highest paid employee earns less than six times the lowest wage paid;

The Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing & Consumer Affairs (SCDOLLCA) is charged with the administration of this law. SCDOLLCA is responsible for promulgating rules and regulations, reporting requirements, monitoring and appeals procedures necessary for the implementation of the law.

The County Attorney shall promulgate procedures for legal enforcement of the requirements of this law.

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