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The following six locations in the Suffolk County Park System have been designated as official dive and snorkeling spots.

At Cedar Point County Park in East Hampton:

  • The Northwest Harbor site provides a good novice dive that provides excellent photo opportunities. There is plenty of light, little current, and lots of small sea life. The depth is approximately 8 feet.
  • The Gardiners Bay site is a novice/intermediate dive of shallow depth. Blue claw crabs, small lobsters, flounders, and bluefish can be observed.
  • Cedar Point Lighthouse is best for an intermediate/advanced diver and has depths up to 35 feet. Blackfish, lobster, blue claw crabs, fluke, flounder and bluefish can be observed in season. Diving is best at slack tide as current can be strong. Four wheel drive vehicle access with valid Suffolk County outer beach recreational vehicle permit is needed to reach this site.

Montauk County Park outer beach area provides a novice/intermediate dive approximately 15 feet in depth. Marine life abounds at this location. You'll need a four-wheel drive vehicle with valid permit to access this site.

Smith Point County Park in Shirley allows access via four wheel drive vehicle with permit to this Moriches Inlet intermediate/advanced dive. Diving is permitted on the bay side of the inlet only due to the strong current. Blackfish and lobsters are abundant. Rocks slope down to 25 feet. Avoid the inlet itself due to heavy boat traffic and always display a dive flag.

Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton allows access via four wheel drive to Moriches Bay Inlet. An intermediate/advanced dive must be done safely at slack tide on the bay side of the inlet (similar to Smith Point.) Depth is approximately 12 feet. Blackfish and lobsters are abundant.

Meschutt Beach County Park in the Hampton Bays offers snorkeling along the jetty.

If you are planning to access any of the above sites just remember the Rules and Regulations:

  • Divers need to register with entry desk of park.
  • Divers need to carry and be prepared to present certification cards.
  • Divers are required to display a red and white diver down flag when in the water.

As with all of our parks if a dive site can only be accessed via a four-wheel drive vehicle, then an Outer Beach Recreational Vehicle Permit is required and the possibility exists that at times the outer beach may be closed due to changes in beach conditions from natural occurrences (storms, tides, etc.), work (jetty repair, etc.), or bird nesting.

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