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Golf Rules and Regulations

Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the golf course unless purchased from the golf course restaurant/catering concessionaire.

Availability – Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance for Green Key Holders and 5 days in advance for Non-Resident Key Holders. Reservations for a new day begin at 6:00pm. For example, 6:00pm on a Saturday is the earliest opportunity to make a reservation for the following Saturday. Reservations will be accepted until 12:00am of the same day of play. Same day reservations are permitted. Call the Pro Shops for additional information.

Booking – Only “Green Key” or “Non-Resident Key” holders can make a reservation. Reservations can be made for a party of one to four players. Reservations may be made for 18 holes only. A “key” holder can only make one reservation for any given day. Reservations can be made online here.

Boundaries/Hazards – Red stakes define lateral water hazard, yellow stakes define water hazard and white stakes define out of bounds. If the ball is resting on service roads, ground under repair, sprinklers or valves, you may re-drop, not nearer hole, no penalty.

Cancellation/Modification - Reservations must be cancelled or modified at least 24 hours prior to tee-time in order to avoid any cancellation fees. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours hour prior to tee-time will incur a $9.00 cancellation fee per person. Reservations not cancelled and not played, will be charged a $9.00 no-show fee per person.

Check-In – The reserving “Key” holder and all of the members of the reserved party must check-in 1 hour prior to the reserved tee-time. The reservation fee will be $4.00 for each reserved player. The reserving “Key” holder is responsible for paying the $4.00 reservation fee and $5.00 no-show fee for any of the reserved players who do not show up. The fee will be collected at check-in. Each member of the party will be checked in by the computer. A player MUST be in possession of a valid “Green Key” in order to qualify for the Suffolk County resident discount rate, otherwise the non-resident rate will apply.

Coolers – Coolers must be no larger than personal use size that will fit into cargo casket of golf cart.

Course Rules – Only paid golfers permitted on course. Each golfer must have their own set of clubs. You must keep all riding and hand carts at least 40 feet from all tees and greens. Replace divots, repair ball marks and rake traps. U.S.G.A rules apply unless modified.

Discounts – Discounts, including the resident discount rate, are non-transferable. Each player must be in possession of a valid “Green Key”, with applicable discount displayed on Key Card, in order to receive the discounted rate.

Dress Code – Shirts are required. Men must wear collared or mock shirts only. No tee shirts or tanks of any kind. Women must wear proper attire, no tee shirts, tank tops or halter tops. Shorts are permitted, but must be hemmed, walking type or Bermuda only. No “short shorts”. Jeans must be clean, and in acceptable condition. Footwear - Non-penetrating metal spike, soft spike or sneakers permitted.

No-Shows – No-shows will be charged $9.00 per person. Avoid no-show fees by cancelling at least 24 hours prior to tee-time.

Rain Check Policy – Under extreme adverse weather conditions, the golf course professional may determine that course is not suitable for play. Under these circumstances golfers can request a rain check. Golfers who played 4 holes or less will receive a rain check for 18 holes. Those who played 5-13 holes will receive a rain check for nine holes. Golfers who played 14 or more holes will not receive a rain check. The rain check must be obtained at the pro shop prior to leaving the course on the day it closed. Rain checks can only be redeemed at the course where it was obtained. Reservation fees are not included in the rain check.

Speed up Play – Allow faster groups to play through. Please keep pace with the group in front and follow instructions of our Golf Course Rangers.

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