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Special Event Rules

Picnics – Special Group Events

  • Picnic Pavilions are available in the following parks: Indian Island, Cedar Point, Montauk, Sears Bellows, Southaven, Lakeland & Cathedral Pines County Park
  • In the event the park is not charging parking fees, special group events will be charged per person at rate established in the current fee schedule.
  • If alcohol is being provided, an Alcohol Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed and notarized.


  • Organizations may apply for a permit for a fundraising event at a Suffolk County Park.
  • Organizations that have a business location in Suffolk County or a local chapter in Suffolk County may apply for a permit for a fundraising event. If an organization from outside Suffolk County wishes to utilize County parkland for a fundraising event, then such organization may apply, but the approval to must be granted by Legislative resolution.
  • A letter of intent explaining in detail the purpose of the event, activities that will take place, use of the raised funds and any other relevant information shall be submitted to the Parks Commissioner’s Office for approval.
  • If the group/organization is a 501(c)(3) organization, a copy of the IRS letter granting tax-exempt status must be submitted with the application.
  • Certificate of Insurance is required and the County of Suffolk must be a Certificate Holder and an additional insured.
  • Site Plan must be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to the date of the event.

Food/Beverages at Fundraisers

  1. Non-Catered Events – If the event is open to the public AND food/beverages are being provided, a Suffolk County Health Services Organizer’s Application for Temporary Permit must be filed. All events where food/beverages are being provided to the public must be compliant with Suffolk County Health Services regulations.
  2. Catered Events
    • Applicant must select from Suffolk County Parks Food Provider List. These Licensed Caterers have agreed to meet Health Department standards for food preparation, transportation and service which protect the public.
    • If all Licensed Caterers have declined, only then may you choose your own caterer. Written declination from all caterers on the Food Provider List is required. Caterer must meet all health department standards, as well as, the insurance requirements stated in section 6. In addition, they must receive a permit from Suffolk County Health Services and submit it to the Suffolk County Department of Parks Fundraiser Division.
    • Applicants must notify the fundraiser division (631-854-4980) of the caterer which they have selected no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. Failure to acknowledge that an event is to be catered or attempts to use caterers other than those on the Food Provider List, without first written declination, will result in the food not being delivered to your area, denial of future permits by the applicant and/or fines imposed.
  3. If alcohol is being provided, the Alcohol Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed and notarized.
  4. Applicants wishing to use vendors (DJ’s, bands, face painters, etc.) on County property must be included on the application with the name and activity of the vendor. Vendors must provide a certificate of insurance.
  5. Requests for tents at special events and/or picnics must be included on application, along with the number of tents and sizes. Application for Tent Use must be completed and submitted to the Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services for certain size tents/canopies.
  6. Mandatory or voluntary admission fees may be charged for any function held in a Suffolk County Park, subject to prior approval by the Commissioner of Parks. Intent to charge an admission fee must be noted on the application. The sale of any item is prohibited on Suffolk County Park property without prior written approval from the Commissioner of Parks.
  7. The use of any public address/sound system, DJ or live music is prohibited without the approval from the Parks Department.
  8. Applicants wishing to advertise for their event must submit all editorial content to the Parks Department for pre-approval.
  9. Rain Dates will not be accepted for any fundraising event. Applicants may choose to request more than one date on application, to hold one as a rain date, however applicants must pay for both dates. No refunds will be given for either date if event is not held.

Showmobile Rental

  • Persons may rent the County showmobile by submitting an application with appropriate fee in full.
  • Applications must be completely filled out and returned at least four (4) weeks prior to event.
  • Applications are accepted for the new year beginning on the first business day in January the year.
  • Applications received without fee will not have the date guaranteed.
  • Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Money Orders or Organization Checks made payable to Suffolk County Dept. of Parks (personal checks not accepted).
  • A certificate of insurance naming COUNTY OF SUFFOLK as an additional insured, which must be filed prior to event as Comprehensive General Liability and Per Occurrence in the amount of $2,000,000 including liability, bodily injury and property damage.

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