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History and Profile

The Suffolk County Youth Bureau was established as a distinct entity within the Office of theCounty Executiveover a quarter century ago under the provisions of Local Law 28-1974.Since 1979, the Youth Bureau has operated in accordance with the State of New York Office of Children and Family Services Comprehensive Planning Agreement.This agreement significantly expands local participation in planning and augmenting youth services.

Essentially, the Youth Bureau staff conducts monitoring and evaluation of youth programs, research and planning, information and referral, and training and technical assistance for community based youth organizations.More than 180 youth programs are funded through the Bureau’s regular budget stream, as well as over 200 programs on a contingency funded basis.These programs serveSuffolk County’s youth under the age of 21.Currently there are 4,943,648 youth, under the age of 21, living inNew YorkState.

Maintaining this service delivery system is a mammoth undertaking given the fact thatSuffolkCountyhas the largest youth population inNew YorkState, outside ofNew York City.Approximately 387,700 persons under the age of 21 reside inSuffolkCounty.It should be noted that this number amounts to nearly 30% of the County’s total population.

The Youth Bureau, in coordination with other County departments, strives to protect the rights and welfare of the youth inSuffolkCounty.It also acts to ensure their physical, social and educational well being.It is the belief of the Youth Bureau that every child and family residing inSuffolkCountyis entitled to a system of services which provides support, nurturance, and an overall positive outlook on life.

The contract agencies of the Suffolk County Youth Bureau typically provide the following services: Crisis Intervention, Informal and Formal Counseling, Temporary Shelter, Recreational/Cultural Programs, Employment Programs, Information and Referral, Advocacy, Educational Programs, Youth Hotlines, and Runaway and Homeless Youth Services.

Goals of the Youth Bureau

Goal 1: To ensure the safety and well-being of the youth population inSuffolkCounty.

TheSuffolkCountyYouth Bureau will work collaboratively to:

  • Ensure that youth have programs and/or places available to them that provide a safe environment
  • Ensure that youth are encountering a positive experience as a result of attending these programs/places
  • Monitor staff at agencies to make certain that positive role models are responsible for the youth
  • Ensure that youth are leaving these programs better off than they were before they attended them
  • Ensure that all youth are receiving services, based upon an assessment of personal needs.

Goal 2: To research and plan accordingly to better the services offered to the youth ofSuffolkCounty.

TheSuffolkCountyYouth Bureau will work collaboratively to:

  • Collect and analyze statistical data from agencies to ensure that programs are running efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure all agencies are in compliance with their contracts
  • Monitor and evaluate agencies that can benefit the youth ofSuffolkCounty
  • Prepare county contracts and legislative grants
  • Research grants for certain programs/services.

Goal 3: To provide both information and referral for youth, or general public, inSuffolkCounty.

TheSuffolkCountyYouth Bureau will work collaboratively to:

  • Provide programs/services that can be utilized by the youth ofSuffolkCounty
  • Refer youth to places they can go to receive guidance in a safe environment
  • Provide information about agencies that appeals to the youth ofSuffolkCounty
  • Provide a Suffolk County Youth Bureau newsletter which informs the community of upcoming youth-related events
  • Provide a Suffolk County Youth Bureau website which informs the community in various areas (i.e. upcoming youth-related events, grant opportunities for agencies, a speaker’s bureau, links to community based organizations).

Goal 4: To provide training and technical assistance for Suffolk County Youth Bureau funded agencies/organizations.

TheSuffolkCountyYouth Bureau will work collaboratively to:

  • Offer training seminars to representatives ofSuffolkCountyyouth organizations to better the program/services rendered
  • Offer workshops to educate cooperating agencies on certain skills (i.e. grant writing, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, etc.)
  • Provide technical training to cooperating agencies (i.e. computer technical skills)
  • Provide agencies with the promise that the Suffolk County Youth Bureau is available when agencies need assistance or further education in certain areas.

Goal 5: To fund youth programs in Suffolk County.

TheSuffolkCountyYouth Bureau will work collaboratively to:

  • Assist agencies in accessing funding, as available
  • Ensure that funding is allotted to eligible agencies inSuffolkCounty
  • Ensure that funding is aiding in the production of better services for the youth ofSuffolkCounty
  • Ensure agencies are in compliance with contracts made with the Youth Bureau.

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